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  • Steel-ing the win

    Published: Nov. 1, 2013 at 06:08 p.m.

    Deshea Townsend picks off Tony Romo and takes it back for the game-winning TD.

  • Salute the sky

    Published: May 27, 2013 at 12:54 p.m.

    In honor of American servicemen and women around the world, NFL Films takes a look at the always exciting pregame flyby.

  • NFL GameDay: Super Bowl XLIII highlights

    Published: Oct. 2, 2011 at 02:48 p.m.

    The Steelers defeat the Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII.

  • Super Bowl moments: Steve Young

    Published: June 4, 2011 at 03:00 a.m.

    A look back at 49ers QB Steve Young's record setting 6 TD performance in Super Bowl XXIX.

  • 'Inside the NFL 08': Steelers vs. Chargers

    Published: Oct. 22, 2010 at 12:00 a.m.

    Here's a look back at the Pittsburgh Steelers victory during a week 11 matchup against the San Diego Chargers. It was the first 11-10 game in NFL history.

  • Capturing Holmes' catch

    Published: Sept. 18, 2009 at 03:52 p.m.

    A look at two photographers and their attempt to capture Santonio Holmes' Super Bowl winning catch.

  • WK 1: Brett Favre highlights

    Published: Aug. 18, 2009 at 01:41 p.m.

    Brett Favre throws for 194 yards and 2 TDs, winning his first game as a member of the New York Jets.

  • 2008: Best of Clinton Portis

    Published: Aug. 13, 2009 at 01:26 p.m.

    Check out highlights of the best moments from Clinton Portis in 2008.

  • Fantasy Files: Mason Crosby

    Published: May 12, 2009 at 05:06 p.m.

    Packers kicker Mason Crosby can ring the bell on your fantasy football team.

  • Fantasy Files: Laurence Maroney

    Published: May 12, 2009 at 04:56 p.m.

    Patriots RB Laurence Maroney can fit through any tight spot. You need him on your fantasy team.

  • Fantasy Files: Chris Cooley

    Published: May 12, 2009 at 04:46 p.m.

    Redskins TE Chris Cooley proves he has the strength and instinct to be on you fantasy team.

  • Fantasy Files: Chris Chambers

    Published: May 12, 2009 at 04:42 p.m.

    Chargers WR Chris Chambers demonstrates 3 reasons why he should be on your fantasy football team.

  • AFC Hotel: Mike Tomlin

    Published: April 6, 2009 at 09:15 p.m.

    The Steelers head coach addresses the continuity of his coaching staff and players.

  • Fantasy Top 5

    Published: March 1, 2009 at 04:51 p.m.

    Michael Fabiano names his top-five fantasy players per position for 2009.

  • 2008 Season Memories

    Published: Feb. 27, 2009 at 05:11 p.m.

    A look back at a season's worth of memories from the 2008 NFL season.

  • 2008: Best of Antonio Bryant

    Published: Feb. 24, 2009 at 06:34 p.m.

    Watch some of the outstanding catches made by Antonio Bryant during the 2008 season.

  • NFLTA: Moon's impact

    Published: Feb. 18, 2009 at 07:51 p.m.

    A look at Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon's impact on the NFL.

  • Wednesday's Around the League

    Published: Feb. 18, 2009 at 07:45 p.m.

    Adam Schefter has the latest news on big-name free agents, including Albert Haynesworth.

  • 49ers' State of the Franchise

    Published: Feb. 17, 2009 at 05:29 p.m.

    49ers coach Mike Singletary gives an emotionally charged speech on the state of the franchise.

  • 2008: Best of Rex Grossman

    Published: Feb. 17, 2009 at 02:59 p.m.

    Rex Grossman highlights from the 2008 NFL season.

  • NFLTA: Garcia out

    Published: Feb. 16, 2009 at 07:26 p.m.

    Should the Bucs have parted ways with QB Jeff Garcia? The NFLTA crew discusses.

  • NFLTA: Vick trade rumors

    Published: Feb. 13, 2009 at 08:32 p.m.

    The NFLTA crew discusses recent comments from Falcons camp about trading QB Michael Vick.

  • Top 10 Scariest Players

    Published: Feb. 13, 2009 at 08:16 p.m.

    NFL Total Access counts down the top 10 scariest players of all time.

  • NFLTA: Future of the Bucs

    Published: Feb. 13, 2009 at 07:43 p.m.

    Rick Stroud discusses the Buccaneers' QB situation and first-year coach Raheem Morris.

  • Top 10 catches of 2008

    Published: Feb. 12, 2009 at 08:37 p.m.

    NFL Total Access counts down the top 10 catches of the 2008 season.

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