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  • Roster Reset: AFC South

    Published: April 9, 2014 at 09:10 a.m.

    Which team in the AFC South did the best for its squad during free agency? Our analysts break down some of the best signings, which include a wide receiver looking to rebound on a poor 2013 season.

  • Kids offer advice to Texans on No. 1 pick

    Published: April 14, 2014 at 01:37 p.m.

    Who should the Houston Texans select with the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft? These young Texans fans have some suggestions, which include a player named Davey Clowney.

  • On the Beat: Texans No. 1

    Published: March 25, 2014 at 12:26 p.m.

    John McClain from the Houston Chronicle makes the 1st overall pick in the "2014 On the Beat: Mock Draft" for the Houston Texans.

  • How would Clowney fit in Texans' scheme?

    Published: April 4, 2014 at 08:54 p.m.

    Willie McGinest breaks down game footage of himself to demonstrate how top prospect Jadeveon Clowney would fit into the defensive scheme of the Houston Texans and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

  • Better fit for Texans: Mack or Clowney?

    Published: April 15, 2014 at 07:18 p.m.

    Although Jadeveon Clowney is considered the best player in the draft, would linebacker Khalil Mack be a better fit for the Houston Texans? Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis give their answers.

  • Can Clowney play 'McGinest Role' for Texans?

    Published: April 3, 2014 at 08:08 p.m.

    Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis and Willie McGinest discuss whether or not Jadeveon Clowney can play the role for the Houston Texans that McGinest played for Romeo Crennel while with the New England Patriots.

  • WK 11 Can't-Miss Play: Can't stop CJ2K

    Published: Nov. 14, 2013 at 09:01 p.m.

    Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson pushes through the middle and gets into the end zone for his second touchdown in a Thursday night loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Roster Reset: Houston Texans

    Published: April 9, 2014 at 08:37 p.m.

    The "NFL Total Access" crew breaks down the offseason roster moves made by the Houston Texans and discusses what to do with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

  • NFL.com Draft Do-Over: 2004

    Published: March 19, 2014 at 04:37 p.m.

    The Oakland Raiders missed out on a franchise quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner in the 2004 NFL Draft. See who Bucky Brooks says could have been sporting the silver and black.

  • Will Texans find future QB in the second round?

    Published: April 16, 2014 at 08:05 p.m.

    Can the Houston Texans find their quarterback of the future outside of the No. 1 overall pick? Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis debate.

  • What is the Texans' No. 1 need?

    Published: April 16, 2014 at 02:43 p.m.

    The Houston Texans struggled to the tune of a 2-14 record in 2013, so what is their top need? Find out what position our analysts think the Texans need, but should not reach for in the draft.

  • NFL.com Draft Do-Over: 2003

    Published: March 13, 2014 at 05:07 p.m.

    The 2003 NFL Draft began with Carson Palmer being selected by the Cincinnati Bengals, but after that there were a couple of big misses. Daniel Jeremiah tells you which teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, would call an audible and take a different player.

  • 'Sound FX' : Best of Brian Cushing

    Published: Oct. 2, 2013 at 11:50 p.m.

    Take a look at some of the best wired sound of Houston Texans linebacker Houston Texans Brian Cushing during Week 4's game against the Seattle Seahawks.

  • NFL GameDay: Texans vs. Jaguars highlights

    Published: Dec. 7, 2009 at 12:33 a.m.

    Highlights of the Jaguars' 23-18 win over the Texans from NFL GameDay.

  • O'Brien: The expectation is to win

    Published: April 4, 2014 at 08:53 p.m.

    Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien sits down with Steve Wyche to talk about his preparation process as an NFL coach and the team's plan for the 2014 NFL Draft.

  • 2013: Best of Ben Tate

    Published: March 7, 2014 at 06:17 p.m.

    In the absence of Arian Foster, Ben Tate stepped up his game, running for 771 yards and 4 touchdowns.

  • Should Texans trade No. 1 overall pick?

    Published: March 31, 2014 at 07:32 p.m.

    Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis weigh the value of the Houston Texans using the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft or trading down.

  • Weird science with Professor Dukes

    Published: March 31, 2014 at 09:32 a.m.

    Jamie Dukes breaks down some of the biggest topics in football, including DeSean Jackson's landing spot, big paydays for backup quarterbacks and running backs losing money in the open market.

  • Schaub, Johnson have a heated exchange

    Published: Nov. 17, 2013 at 04:45 p.m.

    Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and wide receiver Andre Johnson have a heated sideline exchange after they fail to convert on fourth-and-7 late in Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders.

  • Texans' 2014 Draft vs. 2006

    Published: April 1, 2014 at 10:17 p.m.

    In 2006, Charley Casserly and the Houston Texans drafted Mario Williams with the No. 1 pick. Casserly breaks down the differences between then and the similar scenario for the Texans this upcoming draft.

  • Von Miller, Richie Incognito, Nick Eason, Richard Seymour, Owen Daniels, Duane Brown, Jared Allen

    Published: May 30, 2013 at 03:00 a.m.

    Texans DE J.J. Watt is voted the 5th best player in the NFL according to his peers on the "Top 100 Players of 2013."

  • How many QBs will go in 1st round?

    Published: March 26, 2014 at 07:18 p.m.

    Are we going to see quarterbacks slip in the draft and fall out of the first round? Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis offer their choice on how many signal-callers will be taken during day one.

  • Mays illegal hit on Schaub

    Published: Sept. 23, 2012 at 07:03 p.m.

    Denver Broncos linebacker Joe Mays draws a 15-yard penalty for an illegal hit on Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

  • Texans GM: We still want to learn more about Manziel

    Published: March 27, 2014 at 03:53 p.m.

    Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith chats with Albert Breer about Johnny Manziel's pro day performance and explains what he's hoping to learn about Manziel when he meets with the team.

  • Foster unhappy staying on sideline

    Published: Sept. 10, 2013 at 02:11 p.m.

    During the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is visibly upset when he's told to stay on the sideline and let Ben Tate remain in the game.

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