Kubiak hopes backup Leinart can revive career as starter

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When the topic of Matt Leinart came up during Gary Kubiak's session with reporters Saturday, the Houston Texans coach had some revealed some interesting opinions on the former top-10 pick turned backup.

Not only does Kubiak hope Leinart makes his way back as a starter, he believes the 28-year-old has qualities necessary to lead an NFL team.

"First off, I think he’s a leader," Kubiak told reporters. "He’s got that 'it' factor that people seem to gravitate to. I know what he's going through as a quarterback. I’ve had some that have been through that process before.

"It's tough to be successful in this league, but I watched his confidence come back last year and I watched how our team reacted when he would go in when Matt (Schaub) missed a little time or something, he would go and practice or do whatever. They never wavered and I see that going on in practice right now. It's fun, I hope he gets his career going again and plays 10 or 12 years and comes back as a starter. That’s what we all want for him."

A humbled Leinart hasn't given up his stance that he can still be a starter. Apparently, Kubiak agrees after seeing Leinart up close for the past year, and hopes he can revive his career. 

But with Matt Schaub in place, it's an opportunity that might not come with the Texans.



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