Traffic stop leads to ticket, missed curfew for Titans' Britt

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt said Thursday that confusion over a misplaced driver's license led to him being ticketed for driving without a license and missing curfew at training camp.

Britt said he lost his license and went to the Department of Safety in Tennessee for a new one when he was told New Jersey had placed a hold on it. Needing identification to board a plane, Britt was issued a photo I.D.

"I asked the lady, if I found my license, would it be OK to drive? She said OK," Britt said. "I found my old license. I also had a paper from New Jersey to release my license, but I never went back to motor vehicles. The lady said I was OK with the license in my hand."

Britt was arrested in January when police found three outstanding traffic warrants from two different New Jersey towns. Britt paid the $865 due and was released.

Britt had driven around New Jersey and Tennessee the past few months and said he actually had been stopped a couple times without the issue arising. But he was with his fiancee on his way back to the Titans' hotel 30 minutes before curfew Wednesday night when an officer pulled him over because the windows in his Camaro were tinted too dark.

The officer found Britt listed in the computer as "unlicensed" with the license for "ID only." Therefore, Britt was ticketed for driving without a license, and the officer then checked his fiancee's license to make sure she was cleared to drive.

"Well, the organization has been very much involved in trying to monitor things that need to be cleaned up early in the offseason, and we were led to believe that they were taken care of," Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. "You know, we do have the capabilities and we probably should do a little bit more than we have, but when someone says everything is fine, we assume that everything is fine."

Britt was late for curfew, but he had a strong practice Thursday, including catching a long ball in perfect stride for a would-be touchdown. Britt, the Titans' top draft pick in 2009, had a team-high 701 receiving yards last season.

Britt's problem now? Finding time to deliver the New Jersey paperwork that clears the hold on his license. The Titans' lone day off is Sunday, when state government offices are closed.

Britt said he'll talk to Fisher about taking care of it because he doesn't trust anyone to handle this task.

"I have to handle things myself," Britt said.

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