Thanksgiving at Jerry's house

Cam Newton and Carolina square off with Tony Romo and the 'Boys in a Turkey Day showdown. Read

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  1. Game Center: Eagles @ Lions

    Kelly's Eagles take the stage on Thanksgiving

    The Eagles fly into Detroit to try to take down the Lions in what figures to be a classic Thanksgiving bout between NFC heavyweights.

  2. Game Center: Bears @ Packers

    The rivalry continues

    One of the NFL's oldest rivalries takes center stage on Thanksgiving as the Bears visit the Packers.

  3. Game Center: Panthers @ Cowboys

    Panthers visit Romo on Thanksgiving

    Cam Newton and Carolina visit Tony Romo and the 'Boys in what figures to be a physical Thanksgiving match up.

  4. Why we play football on Thanksgiving?

    Football on Thanksgiving has become as essential as turkey and mashed potatoes, but how did the tradition get so big? Watch
  5. NFL on Thanksgiving

    NFL's rich history of Thanksgiving Day games

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame delves into the origins of the long tradition of the greatest of the food/football holidays ... Thanksgiving. Read

  6. Thanksgiving is here once again, so go ahead and take a look at the festivities across the NFL and with players, both on and off the field. View

  7. NFL Up!

    Cardio crunch: A post-Thanksgiving NFL Up! workout

    Burn off the leftovers from your Thanksgiving overload with this NFL Up! inspired cardio workout. Read

  8. Data Points

    NFL Thanksgiving Facts, Stats and Turkeys

    Thanksgiving Day games are an annual holiday tradition for NFL fans. Gobble down some of the stats behind the teams, players and turkeys. Read

  9. Fantasy feasting: Thanksgiving Day player previews

    Week 13 begins on Thanksgiving Day with games packed with fantasy starters. We let you know what to expect from all of the major players in the Seahawks and 49ers matchup right here. Read

  10. Top Thanksgiving Day bloopers

    Take a walk down memory lane with this look at three of the funniest and most unforgettable moments from Thanksgiving Day NFL games of the past. Watch
  11. NFL on Thanksgiving

    The long history of Thanksgiving and the NFL

    Football has been as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey and pumpkin pie for as long as most fans can remember. But, take a trip back to when it all began. Read

  12. NFL fans feast on football during Thanksgiving Day games. View

  13. NFL on Thanksgiving

    Grange's historic debut happened on Thanksgiving

    The NFL was in its infancy and in desperate need of a major gate attraction when the league's wishes were granted on Thanksgiving Day in 1925. Read

Thanksgiving football

NFL games are as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. This year's holiday features a mouth-watering tripleheader of games with playoff implications:
» Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions
» Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys
» Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

» All-time Thanksgiving results

Play 60 on Thanksgiving

Play 60 on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is a great time to bring your family together to get active. NFL PLAY 60 is committed to improving the health and wellness of kids everywhere, and is asking you and your kids to join the movement and Come Out to Play.
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