Winning & Losing

Super Bowl champions have won an average of 2.9 consecutive games heading into the postseason. 21.2 percent of eventual Super Bowl champions have lost at least one of their last five games heading into the playoffs.



Winning Streaks

• The longest regular-season winning streak (same season) taken into the playoffs by any of the 47 Super Bowl champions is 14 by the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

• The longest regular-season winning streak by any of the last seven Super Bowl champions (XLI-XLVII) is two straight wins.

Losing Streaks

• Only 10 of the 47 Super Bowl champions lost their final regular-season game.

• The 2009 Saints lost their final three regular-season games and the 1967 Packers lost their final two, but both went on to win the Super Bowl.

First Game Results

• The eventual Super Bowl champion is 38-8-1 in regular season openers.

• Eventual Super Bowl champions average 12.0 wins per season and have won their first game of the season 81.9 percent of the time.

Home & Away Records

• Only one team in Super Bowl history (2007 Giants at 3-5) has had a losing record at home and gone on to win a Super Bowl. The 1988 49ers and 2011 Giants both finished 4-4 at home and won Super Bowls.

• Only one Super Bowl champion (2010 Packers at 3-5) finished with a losing record on the road. Four other teams (1979 Steelers, 1997 Broncos, 2006 Colts and 2012 Ravens) finished exactly .500 on the road (4-4).

• Four Super Bowl champions have finished unbeaten and untied on the road; 1972 Dolphins (7-0), 1982 Redskins (5-0), 1984 49ers (8-0) and 1989 49ers (8-0).