Amp energy drink helps a man jumpstart a car like never before.

Apple computers shows off its ultra-thin new MacBook Air.

A man uses his AT&T mobile phone to rap a message to his loved one.

A father stays in touch with his family via AT&T wireless communication.

Audi makes a man an offer he can't refuse.

Bridgestone tires save a squirrel from meeting his demise.

Bridgestone Tires save Richard Simmons and Alice Cooper from certain death.

Carlos Mencia and Bud Light help individuals adapt to American culture.

Guys sneak Bud Light beer into their girlfriends' cheese party.

Bud Light provides its drinkers with the ability to fly for a limited time only.

A caveman invents the wheel to help get Bud Light beer to a party.

Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon making ads for Bud Light.

Bud Light provides drinkers with X-Ray vision for a limited time only.

A French bull tries to impress a California Cheese cow.

A small horse trains hard all year to become part of the Budweiser team.

Bud Light provides drinkers with the ability to breathe fire for a limited time only.

A man professes his love for his Cadillac Escalade. reminds you to follow your heart.

Don't wish for a new job, go to saves a salesman from a death match in a ring of fire. saves a salesman from having his head shrunk.

Coke shows its ability to bring unlikely individuals together.

Parade balloons fight over an inflated bottle of Coke.

Dell computers destroy the competition.

A lucky guy draws a lot of attention with his Inspi(red) Dell computer.

Everyone wakes up and bumps their heads to the tune of Diet Pepsi Max.

An attempt to catch a mouse with Doritos tortilla chips backfires.

E*Trade is so easy that a baby can use it.

E*Trade makes diversifying easy.

A successful E*Trade baby hires a clown to hang out with him.

The toughness of the Ford F150 is put to the test.

Not everything responds to your voice like Sync.

Doritos gives an independent artist a chance to perform on the world's biggest stage.

Garmin GPS device helps Napoleon reach the battlefield.

Derek Jeter drinks Gatorade G2 sports beverage.

A dog enjoys a refreshing bowl of Gatorade sports beverage.

A stylized introduction to the new Yukon Hybrid SUV from GMC.

Shaquille O'Neal drinks Vitamin Water and becomes an oversized jockey.

See Danica Patrick's "Exposure" only at

Carmen Electra is blown away by Ice Breakers gum.

Hyundai introduces its new Genesis model.

100 free sales leads at

100 free sales leads at

A touching example of the help provided by Ronald McDonald House charities.

Chase credit card fraud alerts protect its users from theft.

A preview of the upcoming film Jumper.

The agents at New York Life take care of the people who matter most to you.

A preview for Will Ferrell's new film Semi-Pro.

A look at what fans were thinking five months ago, from NFL Network.

Matt Hasselbeck tells his story of becoming a figure in the NFL.

A reminder for parents to safeguard their prescription medicine.

A preview for the Paramount film Drillbit Taylor.

Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts tell one of their stories of the NFL.

SoBe Life Water has everyone dancing to the beat of Thriller.

Every sip of Pepsi brings Justin Timberlake closer.

Planters nuts prove to be instinctively good.

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards uses Claritin to clear up his alergies.

A preview for the upcoming film Vantage Point.

Sprint shows off its new line of smartphones.

Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner is used by Shakira and Madonna.

A Mariachi man spreads word of Taco Bell's new Fiesta Platters.

A shirt's stain speaks before getting cleaned by Tide.

Dwayne Wade lets Charles Barkley into his T-Mobile Fave 5.

A ferocious badger is woken up in the cabin of a Toyota Corolla.

The All-New Toyota Sequoia gets an active group around town.

Athletes gather together to show off their Under Armour sportswear.

A preview of the upcoming film Leatherheads.

A preview for the upcoming film Wanted.

Verizon Wireless shows off its new Voyager smartphone.

Victoria's Secret demonstrates the perfect marriage of lingerie and football.

A Visa Checkcard helps a couple get to their movie on time.

A preview for the upcoming Disney/Pixar film Wall E.

A preview for the Adam Sandler film You Don't Mess With The Zohan.
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