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Patriots guard Mankins brushes aside allegations of dirty play

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The impending battle between the New England Patriots' offensive line and the New York Giants' defensive line in Super Bowl XLVI already is manifesting itself in comments made by players from both teams.

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Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora said last Friday he was bothered by Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light's playing style. On Sunday, Patriots guard Logan Mankins brushed off allegations that the offensive line bends the rules.

"That's all right," Mankins said in a news conference when told Giants defensive end Justin Tuck called the Patriots' offensive line dirty, according to the team's official website. "We don't mind being called dirty or cheap or any of that stuff. That's a compliment to us."

Mankins otherwise praised the Giants, complimenting their defensive line and performance in the playoffs.

But the Patriots' media approach has irked Giants safety Antrel Rolle, who said the team speaks highly all of its opponents.



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