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FEBRUARY 1, 2015
Super Bowl Standings
Team W L Pct. Pts. Opp.
Baltimore Ravens201.0006838
New Orleans Saints101.0003117
New York Jets101.000167
Tampa Bay Buccaneers101.0004821
San Francisco 49ers51.833219123
Green Bay Packers41.800158101
New York Giants41.8008387
Pittsburgh Steelers62.750193164
Dallas Cowboys53.625221132
Oakland/L.A. Raiders32.600132114
Washington Redskins32.600122103
Seattle Seahawks11.5001021
Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts22.5006977
Chicago Bears11.5006339
Kansas City Chiefs11.5003342
New England Patriots34.430121165
Miami Dolphins23.40074103
Denver Broncos25.400115206
St. Louis/L.A. Rams12.3335967
Arizona Cardinals01.0002327
Atlanta Falcons01.0001934
Carolina Panthers01.0002932
San Diego Chargers01.0002649
Tennessee Titans01.0001623
Cincinnati Bengals02.0003746
Philadelphia Eagles02.0003151
Buffalo Bills04.00073139
Minnesota Vikings04.0003495