2010 Super Bowl goes to South Florida

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ROMULUS, Mich. (Oct. 6, 2005) -- Miami was awarded the 2010 Super Bowl -- a record 10th time the city will play host to the title game.

"We're very enthused and excited about having the opportunity to once again show off South Florida," Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said. "We love our city and we love our area. We think the weather is the best. We think we have the best hotels, the best restaurants, the best beaches and the best golf courses."

Miami, Atlanta and Houston made a final pitch for the marquee event at an NFL owners meeting about 25 miles from Detroit's Ford Field, where the next Super Bowl will be played.

With New York, which had been conditionally awarded the game, out of the running, the NFL picked from three cities that lost a bid in May for the 2009 game, which went to Tampa.

The vote took three ballots, with Houston being eliminated on the first. No one got the three-quarters vote needed on the second ballot and Miami won by a simple majority on the third.

"Obviously, it was very close," said a disappointed Arthur Blank, the Falcons' owner.

Some regarded Atlanta and Houston as favorites because Miami already had been picked for the 2007 game, but Blank said South Florida's weather won out. The 2008 Super Bowl will be played in suburban Phoenix. That means after the game in Michigan this year, there will be three Super Bowls in Florida and one in Arizona.

"If you look at the last number of votes, it's very clear the ownership feels strongly about having the game where the weather is generally warmer," Blank said.

After 2010, Miami will top New Orleans' record of nine for hosting the most Super Bowl games. Three off the first five Super Bowls -- in 1968, 1969 and 1971 -- were in Miami and the last one there was in 1999.

When the NFL is not awarding a Super Bowl to a city with a new stadium, Huizenga expects Miami to have a good shot at landing the game.

"I think a lot of it is weather-driven," he said. "It's a nice environment for our sponsors to take their guests. If you're a sponsor and you're doing business globally, to bring your guests to South Florida is pretty nice."

Atlanta (1999 and 1994) and Houston (2004 and 1974) has each hosted the Super Bowl twice.

The 2010 Super Bowl originally was awarded to New York on the condition that a new stadium be built. The stadium, which also was part of the city's unsuccessful Olympic bid, failed to win government approval.

Last week, the New York Jets and Giants agreed to build a new stadium in New Jersey that could be opened by 2009. Both teams -- as well as the NFL and New Jersey -- would like a roof, but the teams have said the $200 million additional cost is beyond them. A roof would allow the Super Bowl and college basketball's Final Four to be played at the state-run Meadowlands complex.


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