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Stadium Policies

Super Bowl Screening Procedures For Spectators

Security screening at Lucas Oil Stadium will be significantly heightened for the Super Bowl. Many items usually permitted in NFL events will not be allowed into the Super Bowl. The National Football League and the Police Department strongly recommend that spectators minimize the number and size of all items carried into the Stadium.

All items carried by spectators will be carefully inspected and potentially not allowed into the Stadium. Spectators are urged to bring nothing larger than a very small purse or bag. The NFL, Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indianapolis Police Department will not hold prohibited or excluded items for spectators.

Small cameras and binoculars will be allowed. No spectator cameras with lenses over six inches (6") long will be permitted. Camcorders will be prohibited.

Prohibited Items In Stadium

The following list is a guide only. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

  • - Weapons, Knives and Explosives

  • - Fireworks

  • - Camcorders

  • - Laser Lights and Pointers

  • - Strollers

  • - Beach Balls

  • - Frisbees

  • - Poles

  • - Sticks

  • - Umbrellas

  • - Banners

  • - Noisemakers and Horns

  • - Containers of any type:

    • Coolers (of any size)

    • Backpacks

    • Bottles

    • Cans, Hairspray

    • Tripods

    • Mace/Pepper Spray

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