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FEBRUARY 2, 2014 at 6:30 PM ET


Super Bowl Gameday Schedule
All times are approximate.
- Stadium Entry Pavilions and Gates Open: 2:00PM
- Team Warm-Ups: 5:15PM
- National Anthem & Player Introductions: 6:15PM
- Kickoff: 6:25
- Halftime: 8:15PM

No Re-entry to the Stadium Perimeter
Re-entry is not allowed once a guest exits the stadium's secured perimeter.

Super Bowl Code of Conduct
The NFL is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all fans. As such, guests are required to refrain from the following:
- Behavior that is unruly, disruptive or illegal in nature
- Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that result in irresponsible behavior
- Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures
- Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects on the field)
- Failing to follow instruction of stadium personnel
- Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team’s fans

Guests who are subjected to unruly fans or witness violations of the Super Bowl Code of Conduct can send a text to 78247, with keyword SB48 followed by ISSUE and LOCATION.

Fans may also visit one of the Super Bowl Guest Services booths at any point during the Super Bowl. Guest Services staff will be on standby, ready to assist.

Super Bowl Guest Services
Fans needing assistance may visit one of the Super Bowl Guest Services booths. Guest Services booths can be found near the following sections:
- 100 Concourse - 124, 149 - 200 Concourse - 227, 249 - 300 Concourse - 303, 324, 328, 349

Mobility Services/ADA Accommodations
Elevators are located inside of the SAP Gate (to the right), Verizon Gate (to the left) and Pepsi Gate (to the right). Elevators are available in the East and West VIP Entrances for those guests seated in the Lexus and Chase Clubs and all Suite Levels.

Escalators to the 100, 200 and 300 Concourses are located inside of the SAP, Verizon and Pepsi Gates. Escalators to the 100 Concourse also are located inside of the East Hall and MetLife Central. Escalators to the 200 and 300 Concourses also are located on the 100 Concourse, in the Bud Light Corner, near Section 103.

Ramps are located inside of the SAP Gate and Pepsi Gate.

Assistive Listening System: MetLife Stadium is equipped with an Assistive Listening System (ALS). Headsets and receivers are available, at no charge, at the Guest Services booths and concierge desks. A driver’s license, credit card or some form of identification will be required as a deposit.

Gameday Fan Plaza Presented by Gillette & COVERGIRL
- Open to all Super Bowl XLVIII ticketholders
- Located between the Stadium Entry Pavilions and the MetLife Stadium gates
- Opens simultaneously with Stadium Entry Pavilions and MetLife Stadium gates at 2PM; closes at 5PM
Activities: Photo op with the Vince Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl XLVIII Roman Numerals, fan tattoos, postcard-to-home stations
Attractions: Legacy Trophy, ice sculpture displays and carvings
Concessions: Food and beverage are available for purchase
Entertainment: Marching bands, Super Bowl Gospel Choir and other live musical talent are featured on three stages - refer to posted schedules
Merchandise: Several locations throughout the Plaza
Sponsor Exhibits: Gillette & COVERGIRL, Bud Light, Campbell's, GMC, Pepsi, SAP, Tostitos and Verizon

NFL Tailgate Party
- NFL Tailgate Party is an invitation-only event - game ticket and party ticket required for admission
- Located at the Old Meadowlands Racetrack
- Begins at 2:30PM; ends at 5:30PM

NFL On Location
Super Bowl XLVIII game ticket and hospitality ticket are required for access to ALL On Location party venues. ? Once inside the secured perimeter, On Location guests will be directed to their hospitality venues by staff holding On Location signage.

- NFL On Location venues at the IZOD Center open at 1:30PM
- NFL On Location venues at MetLife Stadium open at 2:30PM
- Visit to access other exclusive NFL event experiences throughout the year!

Ticket Resolution
Staff at each Stadium Entry Pavilion will be able to authenticate tickets and communicate issues directly to the Main Ticket Resolution Office located between Stadium Entry Pavilion 3 and Verizon Entry Pavilion 4. If ticket issues arise inside the stadium, the Ticket Resolution Office is located at the MetLife Gate.

Club Seats
The East Club seating sections are: Section 111C-115C; Section 207C-220C
The West Club seating sections are: Section 232C-245C

Guest access to either Club can be gained only with Club Level tickets. Club seat ticketholders enter through the entry gate designated on their ticket to gain access to their seats. Access to Suite Levels will be given only to guests with a Suite Level ticket.

Concession stands are located throughout the stadium concourses near the following seating sections:
Asian Noodle Bowl - MetLife Central
Bacon on Stick - MetLife Central
Stadium Dog - 104, 108, 118, 123, 129, 135, 143, 148, 205, 223, 229, 245, 309, 317, 335, 342, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Burgers - 106, 131, 135, 201, 226, 313, 322, 338, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Burritos - MetLife Central
Caesar Salad - 106, 131, 143, 201, 226, 332, 346, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Cheese Steak - MetLife Central, 101, 126, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Chicken Kabob - 121
Chicken Sausage - MetLife Central
Chicken Tender & Fries - 135, 143, 146, 206, 220, 229, 245, 306, 313, 330, 338, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Coffee - All Franks stands, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Cookies & Brownies - Mrs. Fields carts throughout the stadium
Dumplings - MetLife Central
Food Network Brisket Sandwich - MetLife Central, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Food Network Sloppy Joe - 121, 338, Lexus & Chase Clubs
French Fries/Loaded Fries - 121, 135, 143, 146, 206, 220, 229, 245, 306, 313, 330, 338, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Glatt Kosher Hot Dog - 123, 144, 309, 338, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Gluten Free/Vegetarian - 144
Grilled Chicken Sandwich - MetLife Central, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Hot Chocolate - All concession stands
Italian Roast Pork Sandwich - MetLife Central, 121, 202, 225, 321, 346, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Italian Sausage Sandwich - MetLife Central, 103, 106, 118, 128, 202, 225, 311, 314, 317, 325, 337, 340, 343, 350, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Knish - 146, 306, 321, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Lobel’s Prime Steak Sandwich - 121
M&M’S and Snickers - 104, 108, 118, 123, 129, 135, 143, 148, 205, 223, 229, 245, 309, 317, 335, 342, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Meatball Sandwich - MetLife Central, 121, 202, 225, 321, 346, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Nacho Grande - Nachos - 118, 146, 201, 226, 306, 321, 331, 348
Nachos - 118, 146, 201, 226, 306, 321, 331, 348, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Papa John’s Pizza - 106, 131, 143, 201, 226, 321, 346
Pastrami or Corned Beef Sandwich - 146, 306, 331, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Peanuts - 104, 108, 118, 123, 129, 135, 143, 148, 205, 223, 229, 245, 309, 317, 335, 342, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Popcorn - 104, 108, 118, 123, 129, 135, 143, 148, 205, 223, 229, 245, 309, 317, 335, 342, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Premium Grilled Cheese Sandwich - MetLife Central
Pretzel Braid - 104, 108, 118, 123, 129, 135, 143, 148, 205, 223, 229, 245, 309, 317, 335, 342, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Soft Drinks - All concession stands and portables
Soup/Chili - MetLife Central, 106, 304, Lexus & Chase Clubs
Tacos - MetLife Central

Gameday Exterior Map:
Stadium Exterior Map

Gameday Interior Map:
Stadium Interior Map

Responsible Drinking Program
Bud Light, MetLife Stadium and the NFL want to remind adult fans (21+) to be a Bud Light Good Sport by drinking responsibly, being or using a designated driver, or otherwise ensuring you have a safe ride home. Bud Light Good Sport kiosks can be found on the plaza inside of the SAP, Verizon, MetLife and Pepsi Gates.

Alcohol Sales Policy
Alcohol will be sold at authorized concession stands and will be vended in concourse areas only. Alcohol will not be sold to guests under 21 years old. It is a violation of the law for alcohol to be provided to any individual less than 21 years of age. Guests who appear to be less than 40 years of age will be required to show proper identification and proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages. International guests will be required to present a passport as proof of age. There will be a 2-beverage limit per person for alcoholic beverages, per sale/transaction. All sales of alcoholic beverages will cease at the end of the third quarter.

In accordance with New Jersey State law, MetLife Stadium is SMOKE-FREE. Smoking is permitted along the fence line on the Plaza Level. Guests smoking electronic cigarettes are asked to adhere to the same policy.

Automatic Teller Machines are located on the concourses near the following sections:
- Plaza Level - 143
- 100 Concourse - 117, 128, 149
- 200 Concourse - 220a, 224b, 245a, 248b
- 300 Concourse - 304, 322, 334, 347
- Chase Club - 213
- Lexus Club - 239

Restrooms are conveniently located on all levels throughout MetLife Stadium concourses. All public restrooms are accessible to guests with disabilities. Family restrooms with baby changing stations can be found near the following sections:
General Seating Bowl
Plaza Level - MetLife Central near sections 134 and 143
100 Concourse - 104, 108 118, 123, 128, 149
200 Concourse - 207a, 220a, 232a, 245a
300 Concourse - 318, 333, 345

Suite Levels
Hertz President’s Circle (Level 3) - Outside suites 3-07, 3-21, 3-55, 3-74
Hertz President Five Star (Level 5) - Outside suites 5-03, 5-36, 5-54, 5-85
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards (Level 6) - Outside suites 6-03, 6-37, 6-53
Chase Club - 208
Lexus Club - 244

Lost and Found
If you find an item while attending Super Bowl XLVIII, please give it to any NFL Guest Services staff member or drop it off at any Guest Services booth. Guests looking to claim or report lost items during the Super Bowl should visit any Guest Services booth. For postgame inquiries, please contact the Guest Services Hotline at 201-559-1515 or via email at Any item not claimed one month after Super Bowl XLVIII will be donated to charity.

Environmental Program
The NFL has a long-standing commitment to addressing the environmental impact of Super Bowl. This includes solid waste recycling at major venues, recovery of prepared food from events, collection of books and sports equipment for local children, use of "green" power at Super Bowl facilities and tree planting projects at each host city. Please help us keep New York and New Jersey green and clean!

Authentic Super Bowl XLVIII Merchandise Locations
Super Bowl Retail Officially licensed merchandise is available at sales locations throughout MetLife Stadium. Visit the ultimate fan destination for all of your authentic Super Bowl XLVIII merchandise needs. With more than 10,000 square feet of selling space, and the widest selection of gear, take home a piece of the game.

Outside Merchandise Locations:
Six locations in Gameday Fan Plaza Presented by Gillette & COVERGIRL
Verizon, MetLife and Pepsi gates
East Plaza walk-in store
One location in the NFL Tailgate Party at the Old Meadowlands Racetrack (for guests of Tailgate Party only)
One location in IZOD Center for NFL On Location (for guests of On Location only)

Indside Merchandise Locations:
Flagship Store in MetLife Central 100 Concourse - 103, 109, 117, 124, 128, 133, 144, 149 300 Concourse - 301, 307, 316, 321, 326, 331, 336, 345 Club Level - Lexus & Chase Clubs, and sections 201, 226 Suite Level - Three East & West

All guests will receive a radio within their seat cushions. Fans will be able to listen to the LIVE FOX television broadcast, Westwood One national radio coverage, ESPN Deportes Radio and in-game PA announcements.

Taxis, Black Cars and Limos
There will not be a postgame pick-up location at MetLife Stadium. For postgame taxi, black car or limo service, guests should take the NJ Transit train from MetLife Stadium to Secaucus Junction and take a taxi, black car or limo from that point.

Roadside Assistance
For roadside assistance in stadium parking lots from 7AM - 11PM, coordinate with on-site parking management for assistance or call201-528-4580. For roadside assistance in stadium parking lots after 11PM, call 1-800-222-4357 (1-800-AAA-HELP) for service (There may be a charge associated with this service).

When leaving Super Bowl XLVIII, fans should exit the game from the same Pavilion that they entered through if utilizing the same mode of transportation that was used to get to the game.