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Spot of Enforcement of Foul

  1. There are four basic spots at which a penalty for a foul is enforced:

    (a) Spot of foul: The spot where the foul is committed.

    (b) Previous spot: The spot where the ball was put in play.

    (c) Spot of snap, backward pass or fumble: The spot where the foul occurred or the spot where the penalty is to be enforced.

    (d) Succeeding spot: The spot where the ball next would be put in play if no distance penalty were to be enforced.

    Exception: If foul occurs after a touchdown and before the whistle for a try, succeeding spot is spot of next kickoff.
  2. All fouls committed by offensive team behind the line of scrimmage (except in the end zone) shall be penalized from the previous spot. If the foul is in the end zone, it is a safety.
  3. When spot of enforcement for fouls involving defensive holding or illegal use of hands by the defense is behind the line of scrimmage, any penalty yardage to be assessed on that play shall be measured from the line if the foul occurred beyond the line.