DeSean Jackson   #10 WR

Height: 5-10   Weight: 175   Age: 32

Born: 12/1/1986 Long Beach , CA

College: California

Experience: 12th season

High School: Long Beach Polytechnic HS [CA]









Combine 2008


  • 40 Yard Dash4.35 Secs


Positives: Lacks bulk on his lean frame, but shows good muscle tone, adequate bubble, good arm length, natural hands and tapered thighs and calves...Split high with good leg length, as his lower body looks and runs like a sprinter's...Has just adequate strength to fight for tough catches, but shows the sudden burst to elude in the open field...While he has sprinter's speed, it is not like that of a normal track man, as he has a rapid stride with quick feet and the lateral agility to get in and out of a crowd with his flexible torso and hips that lets him adjust on the move...Highly motivated and intense player who works to finish and is not afraid of contact, but needs to tone down his emotions (gets caught up in trash talk and is taken out of his game when he spends too much time jawing with an opponent)...Gives a good effort in the training room and is an intelligent athlete who knows how to game plan for his upcoming opponent...Can be a vocal leader when he needs to and can handle tough coaching...Shows outstanding explosion off the snap with excellent get-off speed...Quick-twitch type who might struggle vs. a strong press, but has the lateral agility to set up the defender and get the opponent out of his backpedal earlier than desired...Has a good rolling burst to his break point, doing a nice job of lowering his pads throughout the route's progression...When he sinks his pads, he is very fluid accelerating out of his breaks...Runs posts and slants cleanly and has a good understanding for stems, sticks and leverage (must improve transition)...Avoids defenders and works back to the pocket when the quarterback needs to scramble...Finds and sits in soft areas, waiting for the reception and has the rare speed to close the gap on off-man coverage, as he does a good job of extending and gaining a step for the over-the-shoulder grabs...Very creative on the move with fluid hips. He needs work on his transition cuts, but he can run past defenders on deep routes...Has good ability to extend and pluck the ball outside his frame, especially on off motion and swing routes...Will round routes at times, but has the ability to create separation after the catch...Holds on to the ball after the collision and, while he will not hesitate on routes coming inside, he will lose focus when he hears the defender's feet...Is a true threat to challenge the deep secondary, but in 2007, Cal quarterbacks could not get the ball to Jackson consistently...Has the body control to make adjustments to the ball in flight due to his torso flexibility and adjusts fluidly to off-target throws...Slides to catch the ball within the framework of his body and has good body control to adjust to off-target throws...Has the ability to make the hard plant, allowing the defender to slide by and then burst around his opponent to gain extra yardage after the catch...Does not back down and can drop his weight in front of a defender, but is just a marginal blocker. Negatives: Had no injury problems until 2007, but with his small frame, he might not be able to withstand constant punishment in the many roles he plays and might be better served concentrating on receiving with limited involvement on special teams...Has very good speed, but is still a bit raw running routes and must improve his transition a bit...Is a willing blocker, but with his lack of bulk, he is risking further injury and also gets pushed back into the pocket too much when asked to block in-line (seems slow to fit and drop weight in front of the defender for better side and mirror)...Has an array of moves to get a clean release, but must keep his hands active when a press-coverage defender attacks his body...Has great confidence in his skills, but he'll be encouraged to quiet the on-field chatter at the next level, as physical defenders will make him pay...Relies on his quickness to get to the ball, but must show more aggression combating for the high throws in a crowd and hears footsteps...Could use more bulk on his frame, but not if it will impact his best asset -- explosive running ability. Compares To: STEVE SMITH-Carolina...Some experts compare him to Santana Moss, but he is much more explosive in his drive off the ball to the break point and brings much more value on special teams. Others liken him to Devin Hester, but he is not in that class yet as a returner and, because of size issues, he has never really taken to the kickoff-return role. Jackson is a better deep threat with better hands as a receiver than Hester. He is a few inches bigger than Smith, but both have a combination of explosive burst, quick change-of-direction agility and cutting ability to threaten the deep secondary consistently.