Tim Tebow  

Height: 6-3   Weight: 245   Age: 30

Born: 8/14/1987 Makati City Philippines

College: Florida

Experience: Season









Draft 2010

Pick No.25

Selected By: Denver Broncos

Round: 1

Pick (Overall): 25 (25)

Pick Analysis: Tebow is arguably one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. He has won a lot of games over the years as he is a perfect fit for Urban Meyer?s offensive system. He will need a lot of retraining when he gets to an NFL camp as he plays out of the shotgun formation and will need a lot of work on dropping from center and setting up in the pocket while reading coverage schemes. He has a strong arm but his accuracy has been inconsistent over the years as he often ends up throwing the ball when on the move. He is not generally real quick to pull the trigger once he decides where he wants to throw the ball.


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