Red Bryant  

Height: 6-4   Weight: 323   Age: 34

Born: 4/18/1984 Galveston Co. , TX

College: Texas A&M

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


Positives: Has a well-proportioned, thick and muscular frame that has room for further growth development without having the additional weight impact his impressive quickness...Has long arms, adequate hand size, thick thighs and calves, showing solid muscle tone throughout, especially in his broad shoulders...With his wide hips and thick lower body, it is very tough for blockers to gain movement off the snap vs. him...Shows keen awareness to the play developing...More of a run-containment type, but has the savvy and agility to slip blocks and wreak havoc in the backfield...Quick to find the football in pursuit and is not the type that will bite on play action or misdirection...Was called the team's "most important player" by the coaching staff, as they use his hard work as an example for the younger players to follow...Clocked at 4.95 in the 40-yard dash, he carries his equipment well and, by keeping his pads down and hands within his frame, he generates good movement off the snap...Can surprise a lethargic blocker and slip past double teams with his burst, showing the strength needed to get a good push off his man...Excels at neutralizing multiple blockers and has that hip shake you want when trying to execute counter moves (this allows a teammate to be free to make the play)....Quick to fill the rush lane and shows good creativity and spin moves shooting the gaps...Very combative with his hands and has the strength to shock and control an opponent when he locks on...Shows good power in attempts to disengage and is quite nimble when attacking the backfield...Type that demands constant double-team attention from his opponent, as he is very hard to move off the line...When he plants his feet and settles in for a battle, he uses his low center of gravity to gain leverage and he keeps his feet free, demonstrating very effective two-gap potential...His quick arm-over action and upper-body strength let him consistently beat his blocker off the snap...Keeps his hands active, even in tight quarter, staying within his frame to do a nice job of protecting his body from cut blocks...Has very good strength behind his hits and is an efficient wrap-up tackler with the long arms to engulf the perimeter runners....Demonstrates the lateral agility to push the outside running game back inside and the field vision to quickly locate the cutback lanes...Because of his wide frame and brute strength, when he makes a collision tackle, he instantly stops the ballcarrier's momentum -- will generally attack the runner's outside leg to impede forward progress...In 125 running plays directed at him, opponents managed to gain just 89 yards (0.71 yards per carry)...Immovable object at the point of attack and is quick to hunker down and fill the rush lanes...Has the short-area burst to close in a hurry and comes out of his stance with his hands ready to lock on, control and shed his blockers...Quick to stack at the point of attack and uses his low center of gravity and strength to gain leverage and hold his ground firmly...Best when playing over the center's head or giving a good arm-over action to gain advantage over the outside shoulder of the guards in attempts to apply pressure...Tough to defend in the short area when moving down the line and is very conscious of low blocks and how to avoid them...Knows how to time his leaps to get his fair share of pass deflections at the line of scrimmage...Alert for angle blocks and traps, using his hands effectively to counter. Negatives: Diagnosed with dyslexia, but has overcome the issue and does well both academically and in retaining plays...Will short-arm at times, but stays after the blocker when doing so, using his body lean to get a push...Has good pursuit ability in the short area, but despite his timed speed, he will labor at times when running long distances...In long pursuit, he will get a bit high in his stance and narrow his base. When this happens, he fails to keep his feet free and while he can get over trash, he will get a little out of control...There is no leakage when working inside, but he will get a little out of control and miss tackles when operating in space...Has the speed to close, but must develop more pass-rush moves to become a threat...Uses mostly swim and rip moves, but with his hand strength, he should be more efficient when trying to club...Shows good agility squeezing the pocket, but when he gets narrow in his base coming off the edge, blockers can have some success forcing him out. Compares To: CASEY HAMPTON-Pittsburgh...Bryant is bigger, faster and stronger than Hampton, but both play with great anticipation and short-area explosion to dominate vs. the run. Bryant is very good at neutralizing double teams and has few peers when it comers to shutting down the inside running game. He is a tireless worker in the trenches who has not been used much as a pass rusher, but with his speed, lateral agility and strength, he could develop nicely there if a patient coaching staff teaches him proper technique. Whether in a 3-4 as a nose guard or in a 4-3 alignment as a defensive tackle, few blockers at the professional level will have success containing him.