Quentin Groves  

Height: 6-3   Weight: 265   Deceased

Born: 7/5/1984 Greenville , MS

College: Auburn

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • 40 Yard Dash4.57 Secs
  • Broad Jump120.0 inches
  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.42 secs


Positives: Has a lean, yet athletic frame with a V-shaped torso, tight abdomen, good muscle tone, thick thighs and calves and a very long arm reach to keep blockers off his body or extend for the thrown ball outside his frame...Relentless pass rusher who compensates for a lack of size and bulk with tremendous suddenness coming off the snap...Shows the lateral range and change of direction agility needed to quickly adapt to playing linebacker at the next level...Closes with a sharp burst and has good angle concept slashing into the backfield through inside gaps...Shows very good balance and body control on the pass rush and shows proper knee bend to consistently turn the corner...Has outstanding foot quickness and stays low in his pads to easily avoid the slower blockers...Shows good alertness on the field, diagnosing the play quickly, showing urgency closing on the ball...Shows very good flexibility moving down the line and likes to get involved in downfield action...Plays with leverage, doing a very good job of extending his long arms...Plays with nice effort and toughness (will wear down later in games due to constantly battling with blockers much bigger than him at the X's and is better served playing off the line)...Self-starter who is a hard worker in the training room and has become a respected and vocal leader in the locker room...Shows outstanding suddenness and acceleration off the snap and to shoot gaps and disrupt the backfield...Displays good field awareness to diagnose plays and quickly track the ball...With his explosive take-off quickness, he has had good success beating offensive tackles upfield, as he is quick to turn over and reach his top speed...When he stays low in his pads and explodes off the snap, he surprises the blocker time after time...Has good ball location instincts and is quick to diagnose the plays, playing with high energy to close on the ball...Has the flexibility to play with leverage and even though he struggles at the point to split double teams, he is best when tracking the ball on the move...When a blocker tries to reach him, he can generate a strong hand punch and is quick to reset and separate from blockers (needs to keep his man's mitts off his jersey, though)...Has the lateral range to slide and avoid in-line trouble (struggles to take on and shed, however)...Needs to be more consistent using his lateral moves, but he is able to get down the line of scrimmage and close suddenly from the back side...Moves well to contain the toss sweep and is very quick to counter and change direction...Explosive wrap-up tackler who delivers pop on contact, doing a nice job of attacking the runner's outside leg to impede the ballcarrier's forward progress...Fun to watch making tackles in the open field, as he willingly hurls his body at the opponent...Has the athletic agility to adjust and finish on his own in space...Consistently turns the corner, flashing the burst and explosiveness needed to close on the quarterback...His knee bend flexibility lets him make the turn, redirect and dip back under when he slips past the offensive tackle...Has the ability to consistently pressure the pocket and uses his hands well to gain position...Even though he can be controlled by offensive linemen when he's reached, he is active with his hands, showing an explosive pop to separate and shed...Has a very impressive wing span and uses it well to yank smaller blockers and ball carriers to the ground...Active with his hands, especially when trying to rip and pull...Has the short area balance to turn the corner and chase down the play on the move...With his great forward burst, he closes in a flash, wrapping and exploding into the quarterback. Negatives: Has very good muscle tone, but is a bit thin-looking across the chest...Does not have the strength needed to battle constantly with an offensive lineman at the X's, but compensates with good hand usage and a sudden burst to escape block pressure...Has had three minor off-field issues that need further clarification...Plays with a high motor, but will sometimes throttle down when not involved in the play (intensity can wane)...Very slippery getting into the backfield, but can be neutralized by the linemen once they get their hands on him (lacks size and bulk to over-power bigger people)...Very inefficient when trying to split double teams, as he will generally get washed out vs. combo blocks...Best making plays on the move, as his anchor is not strong to maintain at the point of attack...Has a punishing hand jolt to shock a blocker, but needs to use it with more consistency...Gets a bit reckless in his pursuit, and while he has great timed speed he will gather some when trying to redirect (needs to be more selective in choosing his spots moving up field)...Relies a lot on his suddenness to pressure the pocket and while he takes good angles to the ball and has a nifty spin move, he could use some more moves in his charge into the backfield...Has the loose hips and smooth backpedal, along with the speed to mirror the receiver through the route, but can be fooled by pump fakes and play action (still developing a linebacker's mentality and must be more alert to the ball in flight)...Played linebacker vs. Tennessee Tech, Georgia and Alabama at the end of 2007 season, but struggled with the new rush and pass concepts (needs to convince scouts he can adapt to his new role as a hybrid OLB/DE). Compares To: DeMARCUS WARE-Dallas...Much like the Chargers' Shawne Merriman and Ware, Groves has that explosive quickness and outstanding suddenness to wreak havoc in the backfield. He is a perfect fit for a hybrid outside linebacker/rush end position in a 3-4 defensive scheme and like Merriman and Ware, he could thrive if allowed to play in a stand-up position. He was having a banner senior campaign before dislocating several toes, but with his balance and body control, along with lateral movement, he should have no problems adjusting to playing off the line. With so much emphasis on pressuring the pocket and getting to the quarterback in the NFL, there is no other player in this draft that can match Groves' pass rushing ability.