Owen Schmitt  

Height: 6-2   Weight: 250   Age: 33

Born: 2/13/1985 Gilman , WI

College: West Virginia

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • Bench Press26.0 reps


Positives: Has a thick frame with broad shoulders, good chest definition, good arm length and very thick thighs and calves and, while he's listed at 260 pounds, he could carry more weight without having it impact his quickness...Not explosive out of his stance, but has valid foot speed to get past the second level...Versatile athlete who can carry the ball at tailback, block at fullback, line up in motion as a tight end and also handle "pooch" punting duties...Has excellent durability and toughness, is the type that will play through pain (see 2007 Cincinnati game)...Shows above-average balance and strength in his running stride, with good acceleration and burst...Hard inside runner whose strength easily allows him to move the pile...Runs behind his pads well and is a devastating blocker...One of the hardest workers on the team in practices and the weight room (has won school training awards)...Has a good grasp of the playbook and is quick to pick up schemes on the field...Makes solid game adjustments and is very instinctive moving without the ball in his hands (always looks for targets to attack)...Team-first player who takes well to hard coaching and will excel at whatever task is asked of him (first-to-arrive, last-to-leave type)...Fires out low from his stance to generate better quickness (slower when he gets too narrow in his stance)...Gains advantage by his quickness through the rush lane, keeping his shoulders square to widen and sustain the holes...Not explosive, but does have a valid burst...Is more of a one-cut runner and lacks ideal shake, but he will work to the cutback lanes in the open...Has excellent field vision, easily spotting the seam, using his leg drive to break arm tackles...Now runs at a low pad level, generating better balance and strength while always giving second effort and shows good forward body lean to push the pile...Plays with a loose base, which helps his balance getting through small areas...Has that mentality and power to simply run over defenders, driving hard with his legs churning to fall forward for extra yardage after initial contact...Has strong, large hands and is very conscious of ball security (no fumbles)...Not used much in the passing game, but is quick to get into the short-area patterns and is best used on screens, check-unders, flats and swings)...Has functional agility in his cuts and enough quickness in and out of his break point...Will drift some on longer routes...Does a good job of extending and adjusting to off-target throws or when the ball is behind him...Catches the ball cleanly with his hands instead of his body...Punishing in-line blocker who is alert to stunts and blitzes, doing a nice job also when asked to stalk second level defenders...Best when executing the lead block, showing good adjustment skills picking up moving targets, especially when blocking in space...Consistently strikes his target and works hard to sustain...Will assert himself and face up when taking on pocket pressure...Maintains leverage with his shoulders squared and driving hard with his legs...Plays on all the special teams units and shows a decent kicking leg, doing a nice job of angling his pooch punts. Negatives: Has just adequate cutting agility in the open and is best running between tackles, as he is not always effective at redirecting once he reaches top speed...Is a decent safety valve as a receiver, but is not crisp running routes and tends to drift in and out of his cuts...Not the type that will execute head fakes in attempts to elude, preferring to run over the tacklers than around them...Will run into spots, at times, rather than take a clear lane...Has excellent power to run through arm tackles, but would be even more effective if he ran at a lower pad level...More of a straight-line runner, who is a bit too stiff in his hips to generate much wiggle room. Compares To: LARRY CSONKA-ex-Miami...No, Schmitt is not just a blocking back, even though he will make a nice living doing just that. He proved early in his career that he is capable of getting the tough yardage up the middle of the field and is a runaway truck once he clears the line of scrimmage. He is a decent safety valve coming out of the backfield in the short-area passing game and, much like Csonka and former Bengals' RB Pete Johnson, he is a load to bring down with the ball in his hands. To use him strictly as a blocker is to get great value, but you will then be wasting his other talent. A definite throwback to the Csonka/Jim Taylor (Green Bay) era, Schmitt is the best fullback available for the 2008 draft.