Nick Becton  

Height: 6-5   Weight: 328   Age: 29

Born: 2/11/1990 Fayetteville , NC

College: Virginia Tech

Experience: Season





Combine 2013


  • Broad Jump109.0 inches
  • Vertical Jump29.5 inches
  • 3 Cone Drill7.77 secs
  • Bench Press19.0 reps
  • 40 Yard Dash5.2 Secs
  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.57 secs


Athletic left tackle prospect with the necessary height and length for the position. Possesses good lateral movement, can deliver a good punch while keeping his feet alive. Stays balanced to cut off the inside lane. Widens his base and anchors quickly against bull rushes. Good mobility to reach the second-level and get out in front of outside runs and quick screens. Quick feet help him get blocking angles while engaged. Attacks ends on run plays, willing to stay on block a few yards downfield to prevent his man from disengaging. Effective on cut blocks, gets down fast and makes good contact to prevent back side pursuit. Aware of wide blitzers, uses his feet and length to punch them around the corner.


Not a dominating lineman in terms of pure strength, though he doesn?t have the attitude of a finesse blocker. Sometimes relies on his punch to knock defenders off their route, leaning or stopping his feet in the process. Other times, can he slow to get his hands up, allowing ends and second-level targets to get into his chest. Needs to prove he can stay low off the ball in short-yardage situations, can play a bit high. Not always aware of late blitzers or edge rushers, will also fail to get off block to reach them even if he sees them. First-year starter as a senior.