Mike McGlynn  

Height: 6-4   Weight: 325   Age: 33

Born: 3/8/1985 Austintown , OH

College: Pittsburgh

Experience: Season





Combine 2008


  • Bench Press30.0 reps
  • 3 Cone Drill7.58 secs


Positives: Has good bone structure, with a thick midsection, wide hips, big back, thick thighs and calves...Demonstrates excellent athletic ability, displaying good initial explosion off the line...Very nimble for a lineman and while he has just adequate timed speed, he gets out on traps and pulls in a hurry, maintaining balance throughout his stride...Shows good balance and agility for the position to also perform capably as a pulling guard...Has good explosion off the snap, the ability to out-muscle and wall off his man in isolated coverage and the upper-body power to lean into the defender and use his size to sustain...Nimble working in space and does a good job of locating and neutralizing second-level defenders...Natural knee bender who does a nice job of keeping his pads down due to his lateral agility and loose hips...Alert on the field and excels at picking up stunts and games (see 2007 Grambling State, Navy, Syracuse and West Virginia contests and 2006 The Citadel, Connecticut and Syracuse games)...With his ability to retain plays and know all of the position assignments up front, he could be a natural calling blocking assignments at center...Adept at keeping his base when moving to the second level to cut off linebackers...Plays with good lateral quickness, especially when asked to get in front on traps and pulls, making some teams feel he could be an ideal offensive guard...Gets out of his stance with good pad level and hand punch to neutralize the wide defensive ends...Plays with good balance and a strong good base, doing a nice job of playing with a flat back and his pads down...Has impressive strength to lock up and is very good at sustaining his feet on the move...Good short-yardage blocker, staying low in his pads while driving with his legs to clear the rush lanes...Uses his upper-body strength well to get into the defender's jersey coming off the snap...Stays on feet with run blocks, play flat-footed with good balance and a low pad level to widen and sustain the rush lanes...When he brings his hips and strikes on contact, he is effective on screens, showing good finishing ability to wall off...Takes good sets in pass protection and plays under control, keeping a wide base and his head on a swivel to pick up stunts... Has the ability to get in front to neutralize the wide edge rusher and the knee bend needed by a tackle when moving out to dominate in isolated coverage..Does a nice job of keeping his shoulders square when delivering base blocks and attacks the defender with a good, flat back...Takes good angles working in-line and when operating in the second level and is able to adjust with ease to a moving target...Places his hands well, doing a nice job of leaning into his man to steer the opponent wide...Very conscious of working in unison with his guards and tight ends to prevent backside pressure on the pocket. He also does a nice job when he sits and recovers inside...As a long-snapper, he has an average short-snap time (0.39 seconds) while long-snap averages are between 0.7-0.72 seconds. Negatives: Needs to add more muscle tone to his midsection, but has the natural playing strength to dominate, especially when blocking in-line...Has adequate initial quickness getting off the line of scrimmage, but compensates with tremendous hand quickness to lock on, steer out and control his man...Has shown good improvement with his hand punch, but could be more active shooting his hands (struggles mostly when working in tight quarters)...His torn labrum affected him later in 2006, as he could not stun his man at times with his punch, but he is completely recovered and should continue to improve in this area...Shows good pop on run blocks, but even with good lateral range, he needs to show better consistency opening his hips to stay on blocks longer...Does get a bit straight-legged, but he somehow manages to generate a good base and anchor to maintain position. Compares To: MARK TAUSHER-Green Bay-Like Tauschner, McGlynn has lots of field savvy and the knowledge to excel at any position on the front wall. His trap-blocking skills are solid enough to move to guard and his nimble kick-slide leads you to believe he could excel as a left tackle. He works well in unison with his guards and tight ends to seal off the backside charge at right tackle, but with his hand quickness and deep-snapping skills, he could find a home at center in the NFL due to his intelligence and field awareness.