Matt Flynn  

Height: 6-2   Weight: 225   Age: 33

Born: 6/20/1985 Tyler , TX

College: LSU

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • 40 Yard Dash4.79 Secs
  • Broad Jump109.0 inches
  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.34 secs
  • Vertical Jump28.0 inches


Positives: Has a well-developed upper body with a thick chest, broad shoulders, tight waist, muscular arms, thick thighs and tapered calves...Good decision-maker who is a valid threat to gain yardage with his feet...Cool under pressure and has the mobility and vision to tuck the ball and locate the cutback lanes on the draw...More of a straight-line runner (stiff hips make it tough for him to fluidly redirect), but he can throw on the move...Knows when he needs to pull the ball down and run with it, but is not the type that will get "happy feet," as he goes through his progressions to locate a secondary target before bolting...Solid competitor who never complained about his lack of playing time during his time as a reserve...Efficient holder who fields the ball cleanly and gets it down with the threads properly aligned for the kicker...Has the long legs to stride back from center to quickly reach his throwing point...Not the type that will force the issue and fire into the crowd just for the sake of making the play and will either throw it away or run with the ball when his targets are covered...Remains calm as the pocket is collapsing, doing a nice job of stepping up and out to avoid...Calm on the field and has good command in the huddle...Very effective at getting the ball to his receivers without having his targets needing to adjust to the ball on short-to-intermediate throws...Generates good placement when leading his receivers to the ball...When he spots rush lanes, he demonstrates good ball security tucking the ball and running with it...Has the timing needed to hit the receivers before they come out of their cuts...When going through his progressions, he is quick to locate his second and third receiving outlets...Has good accuracy throwing from the outside hash and is very good sliding out of the pocket, squaring his shoulders and driving through arm tackles...Well-prepared athlete who puts in the extra hours in the film room studying tapes...Keeps his attention downfield under the pass rush and spreads the ball around... His anticipation and timing continued to improve with increased reps as a senior...Throws a tight spiral and while he might not have a "big arm," he can drill the ball in a seam (better on intermediate throws)...Will force the ball on occasion, but generally throws it away when his targets are covered...When he feels backside pressure, he has the feet and balance to step in and out of the pocket...Does not lock on to his target, doing a decent job of going through his progressions...Has the vision to scan the field and is efficient connecting with his receivers on roll-outs and from the outside hashes. Negatives: Has good accuracy in the short area, but does not have the arm strength to consistently air the ball out...Sometimes telegraphs throws, as he tends to pat it before throwing...Shows good mobility on the move, but is more of a straight-line runner who does not have the change-of-direction agility to quickly hit the cutback lane...Can make some of his deep throws, but those attempts lack velocity and zip to keep it away from the defenders...Needs to develop more consistency coming over the top with his delivery, as he tends to wind up a bit...His release point is low, resulting in a fair share of passes being deflected...When he steps into throws, he is adequate firing in the seams, but lacks velocity...Needs to work on putting the ball out in front of the target on deep routes...Has good bulk, but lacks the ideal height you look for in a quarterback...Has good mobility and is not the type that gets "happy feet," but will more often than not run with the ball rather than sidestep when meeting up with the blitz...Had a string of at least one turnover seven consecutive games...Most of those picks came when he generated a bit of a wind-up in his over-the-top release. Compares To: RYAN FITZPATRICK-Cincinnati...Flynn has minimal starting experience, but is a very effective scrambling quarterback with excellent straight-line speed for a quarterback. He doesn't have "happy feet," but you would like to see him stay in the pocket. He has good touch and accuracy in the short-to-intermediate areas, but some question his deep-passing skills, as he loses velocity on longer throws, especially when firing on the move. With his athletic ability, he has a chance to carry a clipboard at the next level, but his minimal opportunities as a starter, combined with a just adequate senior campaign (possibly due to lingering ankle issues) might make GMs hesitant to invest a draft choice until much later in the draft.