Leodis McKelvin  

Height: 5-10   Weight: 185   Age: 32

Born: 9/1/1985 Waycross , GA

College: Troy

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.1 secs
  • 40 Yard Dash4.38 Secs


Positives: Has a lean frame, but shows good muscle tone and the body to carry another 10 pounds without having the added weight impact his quickness...Not the most instinctive ball hawk you will find, but he has quick feet and good change-of-direction agility to close, once he locates the ball...Smooth open-field runner with the balance, body control and leaping ability to make plays on balls that are outside of his frame (must extend for the ball more often, though, as he will body catch)...Can take the plays from the chalkboard to the field with just a few reps...Plays with good confidence and he will not hesitate to combat for the jump balls or mix it up with receivers running through their patterns...Will get rag-dolled at the line of scrimmage in run support, but still shows willingness to plug the rush lanes (made 24 plays in run support as a senior)...Hard worker in practices and in the training room and is respected by the staff and his teammates, taking pride in his team captaincy...When he doesn't bail out of his backpedal too early, he generates good transition quickness and a burst to close coming out of his breaks...Needs to extend for the ball, but you can see that he has the timing and leaping ability to get to the pass at its high point...He will get high in his pedal and shuffle his feet at times, but comes out of his breaks with good balance...Not that strong, but is a pester type that will keep his hands active in attempts to reroute the receiver...When he plants and drives smoothly, he is capable of mirroring the receiver (will struggle to recover when he fails to open his hips)...Shows the willingness and toughness to quickly support vs. run and will throw his body around to get the ballcarrier on the ground (likes contact)...Sees routes develop adequately, but is better when he can sink under deep stuff and react to things in front of him rather than play deep in the zone (will have lapses and allow a receiver to come free when he eyeballs the backfield too long)...Will fight for the ball in a crowd (shows good courage) and gets excellent elevation to combine with solid body control adjusting to the ball in flight...Does not shy away from contact and while he has marginal weight-room strength, he will lower his shoulder and thump a ballcarrier in attempts to contain the outside run...Shows good vision, foot quickness, and change-of-direction agility as a return specialist...Fields the ball cleanly as a kickoff and punt returner and has a knack for making big plays with the ball in his hands...Not a great wrap-up tackler (struggles to bring opponents down), but will square up and put his hat on the ballcarrier (not effective when he tackles to the side, as he will fall off those hits). Negatives: Lacks ideal bulk, but has good muscle definition...Does not always play up to his timed speed, but does show good urgency to close (hip flexibility is just adequate)...Needs to be more alert on the field, as he will be fooled by pump fakes and play-action...Lacks the overall strength to be a physical tackler and needs to show better route anticipation; eyes the backfield too long rather than mirroring the receiver...Not the type that can naturally locate the ball, but will get there once he finds it...Must refine his backpedal technique, as he opens his hips too soon and comes out of his pedal early (would get a better break if he was not so tall in his stance, as it narrows his hips, preventing him from getting a fluid turn on the ball)...When he spends too much time looking into the backfield when playing deep in the zone, receivers have had success getting behind him...Must take better angles closing on the ball and, when a receiver gets behind him, he struggles to recover...More of a drag-down type of tackler, but he needs to face up and wrap better (will take a side, letting receivers break his arm tackles)...Must do a better job of securing the ball and protecting it on returns (leaves it exposed, resulting in costly fumbles...Willing in run force, but lacks the tackle technique and power to be effective playing at line, getting washed out often by bigger blockers in a crowd...Has adequate hands, but he needs to do a better job of extending for the ball (uses his body as a crutch and several of his pass deflections could have been interceptions if he caught the ball outside his frame). Compares To: R.W. McQUARTERS-New York Giants...Like McQuarters, McKelvin is a solid return specialist, even though he does not always play to his timed speed. He needs some technique refinement, but due to a lack of natural power, he is never going to be a physical tackler. He shows willingness in run support, but is better making plays on the move than getting bounced around in tight quarters. Like McQuarters, he runs hot-and-cold with his ball-reaction skills, sometimes looking like Bambi staring down at the headlights of an oncoming truck. McKelvin has the ability to break a game open once he finds a crease on returns. Until he can prove that he can add strength, his immediate value will be on special teams.