Kenny Phillips  

Height: 6-2   Weight: 217   Age: 32

Born: 11/24/1986 Miami , FL

College: Miami (Fla.)

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • Bench Press19.0 reps


Positives: Well-built athlete with very good muscle definition, long arms, good bubble and thick thighs and calves...Has a tight abdomen, broad shoulders and good chest thickness...Makes plays all over the field due to his above-average speed, ball-reaction skills and size to come up and generate good pop on contact when playing in the box...Plays special teams and gives total effort until the whistle...Reacts quickly in run support and has a punishing hand punch, using his arms properly to keep blockers off his feet...Decisive to diagnose, accelerates quickly to run alleys and is very instinctive closing on the ball, displaying loose hips in his plant-and-drive motion...Skilled deep coverage defender who has very quick feet and when he stays low in his backpedal, he shows fluid motions turning and running in transition...Has outstanding agility and balance closing on plays along the perimeter...Might get a bit wild and reckless attacking the ball, but he never slows down trying to close on the ballcarrier and is very effective at impeding the runner's forward progress by attacking the outside leg with consistency...Good team player who sets the tempo for the defense with his aggressive style of play...Has very nice short-area quickness to mirror the moves of receivers and refuses to allow any underneath cushion...Anticipates the action, showing proper timing and leaping ability tracking the ball in flight...Self-starter type that pushes others in the training room...Will compete throughout the play and has good strength to make the tackle in the box, using his arms well to get off blocks quickly to squeeze the rush lanes...Decisive ball skills and though he eyeballs the backfield at times, he is not the type that will get suckered out of position easily...Makes quick decisions, showing very good route recognition and feel staying with the receiver on long routes...Flexible athlete with the feet and explosion to stay stride-for-stride in man coverage, but is best when making plays in the open field...Can sink his hips and bend his knees to turn easily on the ball and often keeps a hand on his man through route progression...Settles in nicely dropping off in the zone, handling the switch-off with ease...Very decisive covering underneath and when he gets a good read on the quarterback, he can jump the play...Can cover a lot of ground chasing the ball in flight and has the second gear to recover when he falls behind...Will springs into his tackles and is very active staying in the receiver's face...Solid wrap-up tackler who shows good adjustment agility to break down and fit in the open...Has the hip snap to explode behind his tackles ...Extremely active in run support, especially when he uses his hands to play off blocks, as he is developing into an exceptional force-and-strike type...Quick to react and come downhill, as he has the size to take on and play off blocks (has improved his angles when making plays in traffic)...Even when he runs around blocks, he has the burst to close...Goes low in his stance and extends his arms to secure and wrap the ball carrier...Very comfortable working in the short area, doing a nice job of preventing the hooks and crossing patterns from developing...Turns his hips easily and gets his head around quickly on deep routes...Disruptive blitzer who gets aggressive when flushing the quarterback out of the pocket and shows consistency when closing. Negatives: Efficient in man coverage, but is best when playing in the zone, as he lets the receiver get right on top of him when playing in one-on-one situations...Shows good aggression in run support, but does not always take proper angles to close (will wide loop trying to avoid offensive tackles on the edge)...Must show better avoidance skills as a blitzer, as he has problems at times disengaging when he fails to extend his arms properly to keep blockers off his chest...Has great range and recovery quickness, but he sometimes gets turned around some on receivers' head fakes...When he does not plant and drive well, he reverts to crossing his feet, taking false steps trying to recover when switching off in the zone...Very good run-support tackler, but is not really in the playmaking class of Sean Taylor and Ed Reed. Compares To: SEAN TAYLOR-Washington...Like Taylor, Phillips is a very efficient tackler working inside the box, sort of like a linebacker with the way he squares his shoulders and sticks his hat into the action. He has good pass-coverage skills, but can be fooled by the receiver's head fakes or by the play-action in the backfield. He has great confidence in his timed speed and has seen action at cornerback because of it. His body is well-built, but there is still room for additional growth without having the added weight impact his overall quickness. If he is not the first safety taken in the 2008 NFL Draft, it would be a major surprise. He could be a very nice replacement for the late Sean Taylor in Washington's attacking defensive scheme.