Jo-Lonn Dunbar  

Height: 6-0   Weight: 235   Age: 34

Born: 3/13/1985 Syracuse , NY

College: Boston College

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


Positives: Has a compact, but thick frame with thick and muscular thighs and calves, a V-shaped torso, tight abdomen and waist and good muscle definition in the chest and arms...Plays with outstanding field vision and instincts, as he is always in the right position to make the play...Closes on the ball in a hurry and is alert to blocking schemes while doing a good job of not biting on misdirection or pump fakes...Stays low in his pads and extends his arms well to wrap and secure the ballcarrier...His low center of gravity allows him to get under blocks and push the lead blocker back into the rush lanes...Quiet leader-by-example type, but has good command in the huddle...Hard worker in the training room who has made a good transition from tailback to linebacker, putting in extra hours after practice working on technique and compiling lots of time in the film room studying game tape...Has a better straight-line burst than when moving laterally, but knows how to mirror the tight ends and backs covering the pass in the short area...Has an instinctive feel for the ball in flight, taking short pitter-patter steps in his retreat when dropping back in zone coverage...Shows a good feel for blocking schemes, he attacks the line of scrimmage with shoulders squared and plants his feet to prevent from getting washed out by bigger blockers at the point of attack...Very good at lowering his pads and driving hard with his legs to split double teams and stack and control vs. inside running plays...Gives above average effort in his chase and extends his arms properly to drag down the outside runner...Has a good flow to the ball inside the box and delivers a strong hand jolt to shock a lethargic blocker...Hits with a thud, doing a good job of colliding with and bringing down ballcarriers with his initial hit...With his low center of gravity, he is capable of slipping through the inside trash to take down the ballcarrier in the backfield...Has good eyes in pass coverage, showing good ball anticipation mirroring tight ends underneath...Attacks the outside leg of the ballcarrier consistently to prevent forward progress...Shows decent hip snap and plant-and-drive agility coming out of his breaks...Demonstrates natural hands and good timing in his leaps making plays on the thrown ball at its high point...Efficient blitzing, is very slippery avoiding blocks in pursuit and has more of a straight-line burst rather than fluid change-of-direction agility in backside pursuit, but is relentless chasing QBs...Type of athlete that plays until the whistle, competing hard to make the plays in front of him...Has some Ray Lewis in him, as he enjoys playing the "enforcer" role with his impact tackles...Does a nice job of staying with tight ends, shadowing his man tightly as the route extends...Shows good knee-bend and hand usage in attempts to reroute the receiver and has enough hip flexibility for transitioning from the draw read...Plays with a relentless attitude and thinks that each tackle will be his last...Active with his hands when engaging the bigger blockers and has good pass rush and counter moves to escape and pressure the pocket. Negatives: Has good closing speed, but lacks the lateral range or blazing speed to play on the outside (best making plays inside the tackles, not along the perimeter)...Even though he has adequate timed speed, he does a good job of coming up to the line and pressing tight ends...Needs to improve his balance when attempting to change direction (gets narrow with his feet)...Uses his hands effectively to play off blocks, but can get gobbled up by bigger blockers working his way through trash because of a lack of ideal size (best when the defensive tackles clear a gap for him to operate)...Does not have the second gear to stay with receivers on deep routes, preventing a possible move to the secondary or a cover-2 outside linebacker at the next level...An every-down player, but the BC system didn't utilize him in man coverage much. Compares To: LOFA TATUPU-Seattle...Like Tatupu, Dunbar compensates for a lack of ideal size or lateral range with outstanding field vision and instincts. He has a keen feel for the ball in play and is relentless in his pursuit. He keeps his pad level low and has the leg drive to split double teams and push a blocker back into the rush lanes. He has the natural hands to make the interception or deflect the ball and can reroute tight ends and backs in the short-area passing game. Like Tatupu and the Jets' Jonathan Vilma, he is a classic 4-3 middle linebacker who will need big defensive tackles in front of him to take out the trash, but give him just the slightest of creases to make the play and he will be quick to fill the hole at the line of scrimmage.