Jerome Simpson  

Height: 6-2   Weight: 190   Age: 32

Born: 2/4/1986 Reidsville , NC

College: Coastal Carolina

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • Broad Jump136.0 inches
  • 40 Yard Dash4.47 Secs
  • Vertical Jump37.5 inches


Positives: Has a lean torso with room to add at least another 10 pounds of bulk without having that weight impact his overall quickness...Shows very good elevation to go over the crowd and reach and extend for the pass at its highest point...Demonstrates good fakes and twisting moves to force the defensive backs to come out of backpedal too early and does a nice job of redirecting coming out of his breaks to take the opponent off-balance...Shows great concentration, natural hands and ball security, doing a good job of shielding the ball from the defender...Compensates for a lack of blazing speed with precise route running and very good plant-and-drive agility...His flexibility and balance in his running stride helps him in attempts to separate after the catch...Has outstanding reach and arm length to get to off-target throws and shows excellent body control keeping his feet along the boundaries...Slippery route-runner with the loose hips to change direction without having to break stride...Competitive, intense player with a very good grasp of the playbook, showing the vision to quickly locate the soft areas in the zone...Sinks his weight and lowers his pads to settle in underneath much better as a senior than he did in the past (would take soft angle cuts or fail to sit in the soft spots)...Instinctive route runner who does a nice job of working back when the quarterback is in trouble...Won't explode off the line, but has a decent initial burst to generate movement and get into his routes...Perfect role model for the team's younger players with his work ethic and takes well to hard coaching...Has an array of moves to fool a lethargic defender in attempts to beat the press...Shows good route progression acceleration and can stretch the defense with the way he comes out of his breaks cleanly...Works hard to uncover and shows the hand-eye coordination, along with timing and excellent leaping ability to pluck the ball away from his framework...When going up for the high pass, his superb elevation will generally see him win most jump balls...Maintains tremendous focus going for the ball in a crowd and is known for making acrobatic catches look routine...Might have greatest reach and biggest hands of any receiver in the 2008 draft...Shows smoothness in his running stride and the flexibility to snatch the ball and then set up the defender in attempts to separate...His high-point receiving skills are superior to most receivers in the college ranks. Negatives: Needs to improve his overall strength and add muscle tone to his frame, as he has skinny thighs and marginal muscle tone in his upper body...More quick than fast, but compensates with precise moves and good lateral agility...Lacks a sudden burst to surprise defenders coming off the snap...Can shield a smaller defender, but his lack of strength makes him susceptible to getting over-run by the bigger defenders when blocking inline...Runs crisp short-area routes, but will sometimes drift or round his cuts attacking the deep seam...Does not have that explosive second gear to separate, but shows the moves, especially when twisting, to break free from the initial tackle...Will use his slippery moves to separate, but does not have the burst to win long distance foot races. Compares To: T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH-Cincinnati...Like Houshmandzadeh and the Colts' Reggie Wayne, Simpson gets outstanding elevation going for the ball in a crowd. He needs to add more bulk and improve his overall strength, but he has incredible arm length and large, natural hands, along with outstanding elevation to get to the ball at its highest point. Due to a lack of blazing speed, he might be a better fit playing the slot, but he shows great field vision and boundary awareness, as his change-of-direction agility and array of moves surprise the defense in attempts to separate.