Jacob Tamme  

Height: 6-3   Weight: 230   Age: 34

Born: 3/15/1985 Lexington , KY

College: Kentucky

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • 60 Yard Shuttle11.51 secs
  • Vertical Jump30.0 inches
  • 3 Cone Drill6.99 secs
  • 40 Yard Dash4.58 Secs
  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.27 secs


Positives: Has minimal body fat and rare timed speed for his position...Needs to do a better job of dropping his pads and opening his hips (is a bit stiff), but he shows good knee-bend and initial quickness getting into his route...Takes well to hard coaching and puts in the extra hours after practice and in the film room...Highly intelligent athlete who will have no problem with a complicated playbook...Not used in game situations, but shows good timing and accuracy on deep snaps to add value on special teams (can also hold and has two blocked kicks during his career)...Does not have the explosion coming off the snap, but builds his acceleration nicely, once he gets a clean release off the line...Gets in and out of his breaks with good balance and, when used in the short area, he is adequate taking angles and locating the soft areas underneath...It is rare to see him flash sudden, snap quickness to take advantage, but he is capable of getting in and out of his cuts and has decent stop-and-go action...When he tries to arc or slip under the jam, he can generally escape off the line of scrimmage (did this better in 2007)...Can get skinny on his release vs. the linebackers (not so vs. a defensive back) and has the balance and stride to stretch the defense, though he struggles to look the ball in on deep routes...Runs mostly straight-line routes, but does a good job of setting up the defender and has a decent head fake to surprise a lethargic opponent (has the speed to isolate safeties and linebackers)...Split out more often than lined up at the classic tight end slot, but that allows him a better chance to jab one direction and break off routes squarely (not real fluid, but mechanical enough to separate from second-level defenders)...Very good when used on shallow routes, as he does a good job of adjusting his body and weave through traffic...Has a decent feel to adjust and uncover, showing efficient ball-reaction skills...Able to find the crease in the zone to settle under...Has enough speed to separate (just needs to show better hip snap)...Does a nice job of extending and plucking the ball away from his frame...Better adjusting inside to boundary passes than looking for the ball over his outside shoulder. Negatives: Has a lean frame with adequate upper-body development, thin hips, small bubble, smooth thighs and calves...Has good timed speed, but labors some getting into his routes, as he lacks explosiveness with his initial step...Needs to add more bulk to his frame, but the additional weight will impact his timed speed...Has good speed for his position, but is too undersized to make an impact as a blocker...Not overly sudden coming off the snap, as he appears to be tight on his initial release off the line of scrimmage and lacks strength to prevent from getting jammed...Must be more active with his hands, as defenders have had good success stacking him or impeding his route progression...Not the type than can separate well vs. defensive backs, but is effective eluding second-level defenders...Needs to be stronger working underneath and must also show more desire and assertiveness in combating for the jump ball (will not combat for the ball in a crowd and will generally get outmuscled for the ball)...Despite his impressive timed speed, he fails to gain separation after the catch and also struggles looking the ball in over his outside shoulder on deep routes...Best when utilized as a short-area receiver, as he lacks the hip snap to separate after the catch...Marginal in-line and second-level blocker, as he fails to open his hips and get proper hand placement in attempts to sustain...Takes poor angles in attempts to cut block downfield...Needs to show better aggression going for the ball in a crowd and must show more desire in his blocking...Needs to do a better job of protecting the ball on the run to prevent fumble issues...Has had surgical procedures on both shoulders and further medical evaluation might be needed. Compares To: OWEN DANIELS-Houston...Like Daniels, Tamme is never going to be confused as a physical blocker. He is an undersized tight end with a wide receiver's quickness, but does show some hip stiffness coming out of his breaks. He needs to be more aggressive going for the ball in a crowd and could use more bulk, but the added weight will probably negate his quickness, which is his best asset. He is of quality character off the field, but will be limited to passing situations at the next level, as he has proven to be a liability as a blocker.