Jacob Hester  

Height: 5-11   Weight: 225   Age: 34

Born: 5/8/1985 Shreveport , LA

College: LSU

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.24 secs
  • 3 Cone Drill6.85 secs


Positives: Has good chest thickness, a wide back, very thick thighs and calves and large hands to secure the ball before running...His best asset is versatility -- he is a good north-south runner at halfback, efficient blocker on pulls and traps, solid receiver as an H-back and a determined tackler on special teams...Blue-collar type, he loves playing a variety of roles and gets high praise from the coaching staff for his work ethic...Has the work ethic that younger players try to emulate...Has good quickness once he clears the line (just won't win long-distance footraces)...Has developed into a solid receiver, as the coaches have to chase him off the practice field, where he put a lot of emphasis on his pass-catching ability...Lacks ideal size and bulk to play fullback and is too slow to be a halfback, but compensates with a classic overachieving attitude, giving total effort on every snap...Will not hesitate to sacrifice his body and is very good at sticking his hat into an opponent to break up the wedge, as he excels in his special-teams role, playing with a mindset that no one is going to generate a big return on his team...Runs at a good pad level, showing the vision to locate soft spots underneath...Very alert to coverage schemes, blitzes and stunts...Has the functional strength to break arm tackles, showing good body lean to fall forward in attempts to gain extra yardage...Can punish a smaller defender in the open field, as he knows how to square his shoulders and power through second-level opponents...Not explosive, but has decent quickness out of his stance and into the hole when he stays low in his pads...Has the balance to get upfield after the catch and compensates for a lack of a second gear with decisiveness running with the ball in his hands (rare to see him run into a crowd)...Does not show much shake and is not flashy trying to avoid, but has some in-line slide ability that lets him bounce or cut back to avoid (mainly a one-cut runner with no wiggle)...Attacks the hole with good determination and is smart enough to take what he can when the rush lane is clogged)...Shows functional strength on contact and has the upper-body strength that makes it tough for defenders to dislodge the ball...Runs crisp short-area patterns and has enough ability to create separation out of his breaks (can be caught from behind)...Eases into his routes and is alert to the blitz, working back nicely when the pocket is pressured...Has the large, soft hands to catch outside his frame and is more than just a "hot" receiver that is used on dump-offs...Will step up and take on bigger defenders when pass protecting, but his size does limit him sustaining the rush lane as a blocker (does better blocking in the backfield or in the open field than in the rush lanes). Negatives: Has only adequate shoulder width and lacks the ideal bulk you look for in a pro fullback...Arms are shorter than ideal (29 3/4-inch length), but he does have large hands to properly secure and protect the ball...Lacks the second gear and suddenness out of his stance to be anything more than a north-south runner...Struggles to widen the rush lane when serving as a lead blocker in tight areas (better blocking on the edge)...Does not have the speed to quickly get out and neutralize second-level defenders (compensates by taking good angles)...Has thick legs and good lower-body strength, but does not consistently push the pile on short-yardage situations (lots of carries for no gain)...Can catch the ball in stride, but is a bit stiff in his upper body to get a good turn trying to adjust to off-target tosses...Does not have the lateral moves or change-of-direction agility to make the initial tackler miss...Runs at a low pad level, but his feet will die when trying to run in a phone booth (needs room to get going)...Because of his short arms, he does not win many jump balls or get to the pass at its high point...Runs decent vertical routes, but he struggles to track the ball over his head on extended routes. Compares To: MARC EDWARDS-ex-New England/Jacksonville/Chicago...Hester is sort of a hybrid who can easily interchange between fullback and halfback. With his receiving skills, he can also be utilized as a motion-type H-back coming out of the backfield. There might be faster runners and more powerful blockers around, but Hester is the consummate team player and will improve any NFL roster. He is a highly instinctive player who will take on whatever task the coaches need. In addition to his talent on offense, he rates with the elite special-team players, a trait that is sure to make this "average Joe" a fan favorite.