Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie   #45 CB

Height: 6-2   Weight: 205   Age: 33

Born: 4/7/1986 Bradenton , FL

College: Tennessee State

Experience: 12th season

High School: Lakewood Ranch HS [Bradenton, FL]









Combine 2008


  • Broad Jump131.0 inches
  • Vertical Jump38.5 inches
  • 40 Yard Dash4.33 Secs
  • 60 Yard Shuttle11.06 secs
  • 3 Cone Drill6.74 secs


Positives: Has a tall, well-built frame with long arms, thick thighs and calves, tight abdomen and a frame that can carry additional bulk if he's moved to free safety at the next level...His range and fluid hips might make him a better fit at free safety at the next level, as his explosive closing burst reminds many of Philadelphia's Brian Dawkins... Does a nice job of slipping through trash to make plays in run force (made 22 of his 47 tackles in 2006 and 15 of 37 hits in 2007 vs. the run)...Self-starter that pushes others around him, showing a passion for the game that drives him to succeed...The thing you see constantly on film is his ability to identify his keys and react in an instant as the play develops (no need to digest)...Can mirror in the short area and shows quick reactions when playing off the line...Has outstanding feet and balance when adjusting to the receiver's moves and can flip his hips, redirect and plant sharply coming out of his breaks without needing to gather...Demonstrates a keen comprehension of zone concepts, along with the range and suddenness in his movements to react instantly to the ball in flight...Looks natural and continuous flipping his hips and coming out of his breaks cleanly...Explodes off the snap and can stay stride for stride with the receivers...Has the loose hips needed to quickly change direction and displays good explosion closing on the ball...Will cover ground suddenly tracking the ball in flight and has no problems running or trailing receivers throughout the route...Has the body control to make proper adjustments in attempts to get to the ball in flight...Can generate a strong jolt to reroute receivers at the line and knows how to stay on the hip of the receivers through their routes...Best when playing off the line, as he takes good angles in pursuit...Shows good awareness looking up receivers and anticipating the quarterback to jump the play...Has the speed and rip move to slip off the blocker's shoulder and displays the closing burst to pursue when he penetrates the backfield...What is evident on film is his upper-body strength, using it well to take on blocks and shed when working along the perimeter...Knows how to make adjustments to break down and fit when playing in the open and shows good desire to make the play...Has the speed to accelerate throughout the route and when he mirrors and trails the receiver, he is efficient at staying tight through the deep routes...Shows very good balance in his backpedal, as he is explosive in his plant and drive when he locates the ball...Needs to get stronger in his press technique, but he is smooth turning on the ball thanks to above average hip flexibility, as he transitions with no wasted motion...Has the range to pursue plays across the field and can run stride-for-stride with the speedy receivers. Negatives: Does get a bit reckless in his play, resulting in costly penalties...Flagged three times in the first two games of 2006 for pass interference, and will get overconfident in his press-coverage skills, which isn't necessarily a weakness...Needs to do a better job of securing the ball on kickoff returns (had two costly fumbles in 2007)...Very effective in press coverage, but when he spends too much time attacking his man rather than playing off, he does not always anticipate the quarterback's moves...Shows urgency closing on the ball in man coverage, but sometimes rounds his angle to the ball after planting...Has natural hands, but you would like to see him use his incredible leaping ability more in attempts to break up or intercept the ball (needs to time his leaps in order to get to the ball at its highest point)...Must use his hands better to keep blockers away from his chest when trying to slip blocks working in trash...Does not work well vs. combo blocks, making him only adequate in filling the alleys...Easily engulfed when trying to slip past blocks in close quarters...Adequate tackler who will ankle bite at times rather than take on ball carriers head on...Will uncoil, but does a poor job of wrapping up...Has good closing speed, but when playing in the zone, he can get caught out of position when peeking into the backfield too long...As a senior, he struggled some with his jam technique as hands got outside his frame, but did compensate with good closing quickness...In the open field, he failed to face up as a tackler and looked sloppy breaking down his final year (see 2007 Southern and Eastern Kentucky games. Compares To: TERENCE NEWMAN-Dallas...Rodgers-Cromartie is slightly faster than Newman, but he needs to show better patience in his play, as he does tend to get a bit out of control at times. Even though he has the speed to stay with receivers deep, he gets a bit reckless in his press-coverage technique and must do a better job of keeping his hands inside the frame when attempting to jam his opponent at the line of scrimmage. He added kickoff returner to his resume as a senior, but needs to be more conscious of securing the ball. Like Newman, he will utilize his quickness to excel in man coverage, but he needs to do a better job as a tackler, as he appears to be an ankle-biter rather than a face-up, wrap-up tackler.