Chad Henne   #4 QB

Height: 6-3   Weight: 222   Age: 32

Born: 7/2/1985 Wyomissing , PA

College: Michigan

Experience: 11th season

High School: Wilson HS [West Lawn, PA]









Combine 2008


  • 3 Cone Drill7.17 secs


Positives: Has a thick lower-body frame, with good muscle tone in his thighs and calves...Generally durable athlete, who started 39 consecutive games before he was sidelined by injury...Has decent quickness moving around in the backfield, showing the balance and slide to step up and away from pressure but is not a threat as a runner...Ready to throw at the end of his pass drop. He might drift some in the pocket, but he shows good upper-body mechanics...Drop-back style passer, who can throw on the move but is not a running quarterback...Throws with a tight circle, flicking the ball out with adequate quickness and does a good job of maintaining focus downfield...While his release is not the fastest (will be late sometimes), he has the arm strength to stretch the field and air the ball out...Better when he takes a three-step drop and shortens his throws...Has a good grasp of the playbook and needs minimal reps to retain plays...Puts in the extra hours after practices and in the film room...Has good command in the huddle, and is slowly developing adequate leadership skills...Does a nice job of delivering the ball over the top, but is equally effective when using a three-quarters sidearm motion...When throwing in the short area, he shows a nice, tight circle on his attempts but lacks touch when he throws deliberately or high...Has functional skills and can throw a decent fade downfield, but must do it with better consistency...Not quick to flush and hangs tough under the pass rush, but must work on getting the ball on time...Does a decent job calling the audible and is an unselfish sort who will credit teammates...His short-area touch needs improvement, as he will leave a few short, but puts good zip on throws in that area...Throws impressive fades, but will miss the wide-open streak and short throws when pressured...Has the feet to avoid the bull rush and has shown improvement maintaining focus to complete the play, doing an adequate job of running through progressions, when he has time to scan the field. However, he will force it when pressured at times...Not a big running threat, but will buy some time with his feet. Negatives: Lacks upper-body tone and does not have the ideal height you look for in a quarterback...Gets very animated making audible calls and pre-snap changes, but has just adequate judgment...Competitive, but tries to carry too much of the load and lacks the creativity to improvise...Needs to throw the ball away more, as he seems bent on forcing the ball in order to complete the play and it has resulted in several costly miscues (37 interceptions, 159 passes deflected, 20 fumbles)...Has good arm strength, but lacks a quick and explosive release...Quick to set up, but holds the ball too long and will pat it before unleashing it, lacking ideal trajectory, which has resulted in a high amount of passes getting defended on him (168-of-1,113 passes were either picked off or batted away by the opposition)...His arm strength is sometimes negated, as he takes too long to deliver the ball on deep outs...Will also underthrow when passing in the short-to-intermediate areas (better when he takes a three-step drop to throw, as he gets the ball out quicker and with better touch than when he pats the ball)...Very inconsistent on the deep-out, as he can get rattled by pressure...By holding the ball too long, he is susceptible to the costly sacks (sacked 89 times for losses of 588 yards)...Has good field smarts, making his throws into traffic befuddling...Has the strength to fire into the deep secondary, but his receivers often have to break off their routes, as he doesn't lead them well or get the ball to the outside shoulder and away from the defender...Will step up to avoid the rush, but will tuck the ball and run too early, leaving the ball exposed, resulting in a high amount of fumbles...Needs to improve his timing, especially on deep throws, as he does not hit his deep targets in stride that much (will also rush some of his throws)...Tends to get tunnel-vision and stay on his primary target too long. Must do a better job of reading route progressions and locating other targets...Needs to square his shoulders better when trying to throw downfield on the move, as he will look awkward trying to maintain balance on the run. Compares To: JOEY HARRINGTON-Atlanta...Henne is a good mechanic with the arm strength to air it out, but he needs to do a better job of timing throws, as he tends to hold on to the ball too long. He will get "happy feet" when pressured and run too early, but he lacks good ball-security skills and that has led to 14 fumbles in 39 games. He lacks ideal trajectory on his passes, as he will short-arm often, leading to 30 interceptions and 138 other passes deflected by the opposition. Like Harrington, he is an erratic performer, who can look sensational one minute, but tries to do too much and gets caught with the ball in his hands. Any general manager daring to consider him a first-round target will soon see himself on the unemployment line. Henne has too many of Harrington's deficiencies to be considered a franchise quarterback.