Antoine Cason  

Height: 6-1   Weight: 195   Age: 33

Born: 7/9/1986 Long Beach , CA

College: Arizona

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


  • Bench Press20.0 reps
  • Vertical Jump35.5 inches
  • 20 Yard Shuttle4.08 secs
  • Broad Jump128.0 inches


Positives: Has a developing frame with room to carry additional bulk with no loss in quickness...Possesses the long arms and reach, along with very good timing and leaping ability, to get to a pass at its highest point...Displays natural hands to make the interception and demonstrates good vision and running stride to gain valid yardage after the interception...Runs with a normal stride and shows steady acceleration to reach his top speed...Smart, instinctive player who has demonstrated an ability to learn and retain information, demonstrating the ability to make quick reads and react to the action in front of him...Hard worker in the offseason training program and has improved his overall quickness while competing on the school's track team as a sprinter...Plays with alertness and shows no hesitation in his reactions, making quick and proper adjustments on the field (shows proper timing moves to make plays on the ball in flight)...Competes for the ball and when tackling, will deliver a blow and try to dislodge the ball -- has five forced fumbles during his career...Plays with alertness and is quick to diagnose the play, mirroring the receiver on deep patterns...Maintains position on the receiver in man coverage, whether playing, trailing, covering or allowing cushion on the pass...Has a good feel for zone coverage, adjusting to the receiver throughout the route's progression...Makes plays on the ball, showing vision, instincts, and the ability to anticipate, as he has superb reaction skills, displaying exceptional timing and a break on the play, with excellent hand-eye coordination...Has enough confidence in his closing speed to be utilized on occasion as a blitzer (must come off the edge rather than shooting the gaps)...Snatches the ball naturally on the interception, possessing the hands of a receiver...Shows athleticism while moving to the ball, coming out of his backpedal cleanly, whether using the side-pedal or shuffle technique...Displays the balance, body control and footwork to come out of his breaks cleanly, showing crispness in his plant and drive...Has good ball concentration while extending and catching the pass in his hands, as well as the ability to adjust to the ball over his outside shoulder...Works to play off blocks and close on the ball inside the tackles, but is best when making plays outside the box...Has the loose hips to change direction cleanly, especially when trying to redirect the outside running game back inside...Does not get fooled much by play action, as he won't spend too much time eyeing the quarterback. Negatives: Shows good foot quickness, agility, and body control to turn, but he's not always fluid...Has quickness to accelerate on breaks, but lacks a strong burst and great top-end speed...Has a developing frame, but needs to add more bulk and strength, as he can be washed out of the play by a physical blocker when coming up to make a play in the box...Classroom work is only adequate...Plays with good toughness, but could be more aggressive and show more urgency at times, as he fails to get good hand placement on the receiver...Must get more physical and develop upper-body strength, as he is only adequate in attempts to press, failing to consistently impede the receiver's route progression...Shows good foot quickness and hip turn, keeping tight coverage, but isn't always fluid...Gets turned around at times and doesn't possess a burst or the top-end speed to recover (gets a bit narrow in his base, failing to clear his feet on the move)...Slips on his backpedal plant at times and while he has good acceleration, he lacks a closing burst (does not have the explosive speed to quickly recover)...Active in run support, but his effort in this area is inconsistent, as he does not have the power to deliver blow-up tackles...Hits and wraps up adequately, but fails to generate much power on contact. Compares To: CHRIS McALISTER-Baltimore...Cason's game is similar to that of the Ravens' McAlister, another former Arizona cornerback. He looks natural making plays on the ball in flight, showing the long arms and reach to get to the ball at its high point. He does a nice job of keeping plays in front of him, but needs to get more aggressive with his hands, as he lacks the placement and strength to consistently reroute receivers. He has good timed speed, but appears to lack the second gear to explosively close on the ball. Opponents challenged him often in 2007, targeting 73 passes into his area, as they averaged 11.2 yards on their 23 completions, but he has very good timing and ability to deflect the pass, obvious by the 50 passes that his coverage assignments failed to catch.