Alex Mack   #51 C

Height: 6-4   Weight: 311   Age: 32

Born: 11/19/1985 Los Angeles , CA

College: California

Experience: 10th season

High School: San Marcos HS [Santa Barbara, CA]





Combine 2009


Positives: Tall, athletic center with large biceps and a solid lower body build. Puts in full effort on every play, often getting downfield for a second or third block. Nimble enough to get in front of screens, trap block inside and eliminate linebackers at the second level. Keeps his legs moving once making contact with his target, often putting his man on the ground in the process. Gets under the pads of taller tackles, able to push them back 5-7 yards. Creates huge holes on combination blocks inside. Adept at regular and shotgun snaps, getting his hands up quickly afterwards. Despite his size, he can quickly get low to cut block and will continue to work after the initial contact. Leader of the line. Negatives: Plays a bit high at times, occasionally losing leverage or getting pushed back against wide-bodies. Does not play with a particularly wide base. Will lean forward too much when in space, losing his ability to sustain the block and allowing defenders to get him off balance. Sometimes misses his target in space. Lacks a great push in short-yardage situations. Needs quicker feet and lateral movement in pass protection to handle quick, penetrating three-technique tackles and adjust to blitzing linebackers inside.