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Published: June 15, 2017 at 05:07 p.m.

Celebrating Fathers Day - The fathers and sons of the NFL

Like father, like son. As we celebrate dads, take a look at some of the dynamic father and sons who have been a part of the NFL over the years.

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  • Ronnie Lott and Ryan Nece 24

    Associated Press

    Ronnie Lott and Ryan Nece

    The 49ers' Ronnie Lott was arguably the greatest safety in NFL history. His son, Ryan Nece, made a nice career for himself as a linebacker in Tampa Bay.

  • Walter and Jarrett Payton 23

    Associated Press

    Walter and Jarrett Payton

    Walter Payton was one of the most prolific running backs in NFL history. He played 13 seasons for the Bears and retired in 1987 as the NFL's all-time leader in rushing yards. His son, Jarrett, spent the 2005 season with the Titans and has spent three seasons in the CFL as a running back.

  • Mosi and Lofa Tatupu 22

    Associated Press

    Mosi and Lofa Tatupu

    During his playing days from 1978 to 1991, Mosi Tatupu was one of the most popular members of the New England Patriots as a running back and special teams standout. His son, Lofa, went to three Pro Bowls as a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks and is now with the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Shawn and Ed Hochuli 21

    USA Today Sports Images/Associated Press

    Shawn and Ed Hochuli

    Ed Hochuli has been an NFL official since the 1990 season. His son, Shawn, has worked as an official in NCAA and Arena Football League games. They recently refereed Sunday night's Colts Giants game together.

  • Bruce and Jake Matthews 20

    Associated Press

    Bruce and Jake Matthews

    Bruce Matthews was a first round draft pick out of USC in 1983 who played 19 seasons for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans. His son, Jake Matthews, is an offensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons who was drafted by the Falcons as the sixth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

  • Craig and Cameron Heyward 19

    Associated Press

    Craig and Cameron Heyward

    Craig "Ironhead" Heyward was a fullback who played in the NFL for 11 years for the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, St. Louis Rams and Indianapolis Colts. His son, Cameron Heyward is a defensive end for the Steelers who was drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft out of Ohio State.

  • Oliver and Andrew Luck 18

    Associated Press

    Oliver and Andrew Luck

    Oliver Luck was a quarterback who played for the Houston Oilers for five seasons. Following in his footsteps, his son Andrew Luck is currently the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts who was the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

  • Tony and Anthony Dorsett 17

    Associated Press

    Tony and Anthony Dorsett

    A member of both the Pro and College Football Hall of Fames, Tony Dorsett played 11 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys and one season for the Denver Broncos before retiring due to injuries. His son, former safety Anthony Dorsett, served an 8-year tenure in the NFL for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders.

  • Don, Matt and Tim Hasselbeck 16

    Associated Press

    Don, Matt and Tim Hasselbeck

    Former tight end for the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Raiders, Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, Don Hasselbeck played an eight-year career in the NFL. His sons -- Matt and Tim Hasselbeck -- were both quarterbacks in the NFL.

  • George and Jamal Adams 15

    Associated Press

    George and Jamal Adams

    George Adams was a running back who was drafted in the first round of the 1985 NFL Draft by the New York Giants. He won a Super Bowl with the Giants in Super Bowl XI and played his final years as a Patriot. His son, Jamal Adams, played at LSU and was selected sixth overall in the 2017 draft by the Jets.

  • Gene and Geno Atkins 14

    Associated Press

    Gene and Geno Atkins

    Gene Atkins was a safety for the New Orleans Saints, who selected him in the seventh round of the 1987 Draft. Gene played 10 seasons in the NFL and finished his career as a member of the Miami Dolphins. His son, Geno, is a current defensive tackle for the Bengals and has amassed five Pro Bowls and 244 tackles since being drafted by Cincinnati in 2010.

  • Don, David and Mike Shula 13

    Mark Duncan/Associated Press

    Don, David and Mike Shula

    Don Shula is a legend in the NFL. Although he played seven seasons in the NFL as a defensive back, Shula is most known for his coaching career. He is the winningest head coach with 347 wins and has two Super Bowl rings along with the 1968 NFL championship. His son David played a single season in 1981 with the Baltimore Colts and then took several coaching positions in the ensuing years. His brother Mike Shula also played a single season for the Buccaneers and is currently the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.

  • Pat and Sean Harlow 12

    Associated Press

    Pat and Sean Harlow

    Pat Harlow played tackle in the NFL from 1991 to 1998 for the Patriots and the Raiders after being selected 11th overall in the 1991 NFL Draft. His son, Sean, played guard at Oregon State and was drafted in 2017 by the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Bobby and Marlon Humphrey 11

    Associated Press

    Bobby and Marlon Humphrey

    Bobby Humphrey was one of five players to be selected in the 1989 NFL Supplemental Draft. He played running back for the Broncos, Dolphins and Bills and was in the 1990 Pro Bowl as a member of the Broncos. His son, Marlon, was selected 16th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Mark Ingram Sr. and Mark Jr. 10

    Associated Press

    Mark Ingram Sr. and Mark Jr.

    Mark Ingram Sr. was drafted 28th overall in the 1987 NFL Draft by the New York Giants, and he won a Super Bowl during the 1990 season. He then went on to play with the Dolphins, Packers and Eagles and retired after the 1996 season. Mark Ingram Jr. won the Heisman Trophy in 2009 and was drafted 28th overall -- like his father -- in the 2011 Draft by the New Orleans Saints. Ingram Jr. has played in one Pro Bowl.

  • Robert and Zay Jones 9

    Associated Press

    Robert and Zay Jones

    Robert Jones is a former NFL linebacker who played for the Cowboys, Rams, Dolphins and Redskins. He won three Super Bowls, NFC Rookie of the Year and was a 1994 Pro Bowl selection during his four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. His son Zay Jones was selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills.

  • Howie, Chris and Kyle Long 8

    Associated Press

    Howie, Chris and Kyle Long

    Howie Long was a defensive end for the Raiders from 1981 to 1993, helping them win Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. He has amassed eight Pro Bowls, three First-team All-Pro selections, two Second-team All-pro selections, the 1985 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award and a selection to the NFL's 1980s All-Decade Team. His son, Chris, is now defensive end for the Eagles after winning Super Bowl LI as a member of the Patriots. He was selected second-overall in the 2008 Draft by the Rams. His brother Kyle was selected 20th overall by the Chicago Bears in 2013. He has three Pro Bowls, was awarded a 2014 second-team All-Pro selection and has started every game he has played in.

  • Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning 7

    Jordan Strauss/Associated Press

    Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning

    The Manning family needs no introduction. Archie was selected second-overall in the 1971 Draft out of Ole Miss by the New Orleans Saints. He played 14 seasons in the NFL and was part of two Pro Bowls. His sons -- Peyton and Eli -- have both won two Super Bowls each and were both selected first-overall in their respective drafts. Peyton has 14 Pro Bowls while Eli has four.

  • Clay Mathews Jr., Clay Mathews III, and Casey Matthews 6

    Associated Press

    Clay Mathews Jr., Clay Mathews III, and Casey Matthews

    Clay Matthews Jr. was a linebacker who played 19 seasons for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons. With 1,561 total career tackles, he has the third-most tackles in NFL history. His sons -- Clay Matthews III and Casey Matthews -- are both linebackers in the NFL. Clay is an eight-year veteran, and Casey is a free agent who was drafted in 2011 by the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Ed and Christian McCaffrey 5

    Associated Press

    Ed and Christian McCaffrey

    Ed McCaffrey was a wide receiver who played 13 seasons in the NFL. He won three Super Bowls during his career -- two with the Broncos and one as a 49er. He also played in the 1998 Pro Bowl. His son, Christian, was the eighth-overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers.

  • Mike and Kyle Shanahan 4

    Alex Brandon/Associated Press

    Mike and Kyle Shanahan

    Mike Shanahan served as a head coach for the Denver Broncos from 1995 to 2008 and Washington Redskins from 2010 to 2013. He led the Broncos to their first Super Bowl championship during the 1994 season and then back-to-back championships in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII. His son Kyle is currently the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. In 2008, Kyle became the youngest coordinator in the NFL at 28-years-old as the offensive coordinator for the Texans.

  • Bum and Wade Phillips 3

    Associated Press

    Bum and Wade Phillips

    Coaching runs in the Phillips family. Bum coached the Houston Oilers from 1975 to 1980, and Wade has coached all over the NFL since breaking into the league as a defensive coordinator under his father with the Oilers in 1976. His coaching stops includes Dallas, where he was the head coach of the Cowboys from 2007-2010.

  • Terry and Brian Robiskie 2

    Associated Press

    Terry and Brian Robiskie

    Terry Robiskie played five seasons as a running back for the Raiders and Dolphins from 1977 to 1981. His son, Brian -- a wide receiver -- was drafted by the Browns in the second round in 2009, and now plays for the Tennessee Titans.

  • Rob, Buddy and Rex Ryan 1

    Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

    Rob, Buddy and Rex Ryan

    The late Buddy Ryan made a name for himself as a defensive coordinator for the Vikings and Bears, then went on to coach the Philadelphia Eagles from 1986 to 1990. His sons, Rob and Rex, went on to become defensive coordinators as well. Both, however, were fired from the Buffalo Bills -- where Rex was the head coach and Rob was the defensive coordinator -- after a disappointing 2016 season.

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