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Published: March 21, 2016 at 04:57 p.m.
Updated: Jan. 16, 2017 at 04:48 p.m.

DC Comics Mock Draft

There are two things that truly signify the beginning of spring: Hollywood blockbusters and the NFL Draft. This week, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters. In honor of these two iconic DC characters squaring off on the silver screen, we decided to look at how DC heroes and villains would fare if they decided to enter the 2016 NFL Draft. Tennessee Titans, you are on the clock.

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  • Tennessee Titans: Bane 32

    DC Entertainment

    Tennessee Titans: Bane

    Despite his many off the field issues and inability to get along with teammates at times, Bane has the optimal size and strength to anchor the Titans offensive line for years to come. With Marcus Mariota coming off a strong rookie campaign, their top need is finding a player who can keep the quarterback upright. Bane is known for his backbreaking work ethic, and despite rumors of performance enhancing drug use, the Venom toxin has not been banned yet.

  • Cleveland Browns: Superman 31

    DC Entertainment

    Cleveland Browns: Superman

    The Last Son of Krypton was the most talked about NFL prospect. The Man of Steel didn't disappoint at the combine either, setting records for nearly every drill except the 40-yard dash. Superman's draft status was hurt by the discovery of a green rock he has a slight aversion to. But the Browns will overlook that since Superman fills nearly every need on their roster. They just have to hope defensive coordinators don't discover that rock.

  • San Diego Chargers: Doomsday 30

    DC Entertainment

    San Diego Chargers: Doomsday

    Doomsday has a great motor combined with elite level versatility, he truly lives up to his nickname, "The Ultimate". Doomsday's upside is tremendous as he's shown the potential to adapt quickly making him a perfect fit for the San Diego Chargers D-line, that has lacked a consistent pass rush. However there are questions about his over aggressive style and concerns about how well he receives coaching. Doomsday has piled up 100's of penalties and has been known to attack opponents between downs, referees and his own teammates.

  • Dallas Cowboys: The Flash 29

    DC Entertainment

    Dallas Cowboys: The Flash

    The Flash is not only a standup guy off the field, but he has the speed and agility to make a difference on the football field. The Scarlett Speedster turned heads at the combine when he ran the 40 in 0.000001 seconds. After swinging and missing on their Morris Claiborne selection back in 2012 draft, the Cowboys find their best cornerback since Deion Sanders in the Flash. Plus, Jerry Jones has always had a thing for the flashy superstars.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Shazam 28

    DC Entertainment

    Jacksonville Jaguars: Shazam

    The Jacksonville Jaguars have made some moves this offseason. They'll continue to build out their defense by drafting Shazam, the world's mightiest mortal. He has the strength and speed to shadow and wide receiver. But, he's a boom or bust pick. While powers like Zeus's lighting are great for the Jags, Shazam's skills are magic based, meaning he could turn back into a teenage Billy Batson without notice. If they can keep his magic in check, Shazam is a shutdown corner.

  • Baltimore Ravens: Cyborg 27

    DC Entertainment

    Baltimore Ravens: Cyborg

    Cyborg was projected to be the top pick but a litany of injuries caused his stock to plummet. He also declined an invite to this year's Combine to upgrade his operating system, a process that took two to three weeks. Scouts believe if Cyborg can stay healthy he'll fill a big hole in the Ravens O-line, with his high IQ and elite pass protection ability. With a revitalized O-line, Joe Flacco's new three-year extension and the signing of free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, the Ravens looked poised to make another run at a title.

  • San Francisco 49ers: Batman 26

    DC Entertainment

    San Francisco 49ers: Batman

    With Colin Kaepernick's future with the team up in the air, the 49ers are in the market for a new franchise quarterback to sit at the helm of Chip Kelly's offense. Fortunately for the Niners, they have the perfect prospect in the Batman. Despite butting heads with teammates and an insistence on working alone, there's no denying the brilliance behind the cowl. As the world's greatest detective, he has a knack for deciphering any defensive scheme and always seems to find a way to win.

  • Philadelphia Eagles: Supergirl 25

    DC Entertainment

    Philadelphia Eagles: Supergirl

    Fear from NFL scouts about a potential weakness will hurt Superman's draft stock, but the Browns won't be phased. This supposed weakness, however, is believed to be shared with Supergirl, and her draft position will suffer more. The Eagles need a running back that can do it all, and they'll likely take chance with Supergirl. While not as polished as the Man of Steel, Supergirl is a scary combination of speed and power. She's arguably the most complete running back in the draft.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aquaman 24

    DC Entertainment

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aquaman

    One scout was quoted as saying, "He plays like everyone else on the field is underwater." Starring in the Atlantis conference, the notably undersized offensive lineman controlled defenders at the line of scrimmage posting impressive numbers across the board. However, he has had issues with cramping due to dehydration and the NFL rules committee is still trying to determine if his use of the Trident is legal. Bucs franchise quarterback Jameis Winston had an affinity for sea creatures and will be happy to have Aquaman on board.

  • New York Giants: General Zod 23

    DC Entertainment

    New York Giants: General Zod

    The Giants need a captain on defense, or, in this case, a general. Zod hails from the now extinct planet Krypton, but brings with him a gritty attitude and swagger that should make him feel right at home in New Jersey. With super strength and intellect, Zod has all the intangibles to make him a stalwart defender and threat up the middle.

  • Chicago Bears: Wonder Woman 22

    DC Entertainment

    Chicago Bears: Wonder Woman

    The Chicago Bears will look to beef up their defensive line, so why not draft the best warrior the Amazon has to offer? Outside of her strength and speed, Wonder Woman's combat skills are unmatched. She'll be able to make short work of most O-lines. She's a heavy favorite for defensive player of the year.

  • New Orleans Saints: Darkseid 21

    DC Entertainment

    New Orleans Saints: Darkseid

    The ruler of Apokolips has ruled the gridiron on the defensive line in the New Gods conference and is ready to make his transition to the NFL. An offensive coordinator's worst nightmare, Darkseid has been labeled un-blockable, possessing god-like speed, strength and agility. He is the all-time leader in sacks and tackles for loss and has often displayed remarkable leadership on the field, making him the top target of the Saints depleted defensive line. There are rumblings that he is difficult to deal with in the locker room, expecting his teammates to follow his lead without question which could prove problematic for Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Darkseid has also been labeled as a huge risk with a recent investigation into his alleged usage of Omega Beams.

  • Miami Dolphins: Robin 20

    DC Entertainment

    Miami Dolphins: Robin

    Robin may not be ready to be the number one receiver on a team, but his complimentary skillset coupled with his acrobatic athleticism make him the perfect sidekick to star wideout Jarvis Landry. While Landry will receive the bulk of the attention from opposing defenders, Robin will take advantage of those double teams by beating defenders one-on-one. A reliable deep threat who you can trust to come up big, Robin will fit nicely into Adam Gase's new offensive system, and should be a welcome addition for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

  • Oakland Raiders: Lobo 19

    DC Entertainment

    Oakland Raiders: Lobo

    The Oakland Raiders are building an explosive offense, but they need someone who can fend off any pass rush. Lobo has developed quite the reputation for being the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. With enough strength to go against Superman in a fistfight, Lobo's skills are more than enough to be in the trenches. While he does have some off-field issues, Lobo is sure to be a fan favorite in the Raiders' black hole.

  • Los Angeles Rams: Green Lantern 18

    DC Entertainment

    Los Angeles Rams: Green Lantern

    Is Green Lantern truly ready to be an elite NFL level quarterback or is he the product of the Oa system? Oa hasn't exactly produced NFL ready quarterbacks, who can forget the crash and burn of Abin Sur? The Rams need to make a splash as they transition to Los Angeles but is the right move drafting Green Lantern? He's shown a gift for creativity outside the pocket and a knack for improvising in the zone read scheme. His ring grants him incredible abilities that are tied to his willpower but can he maintain his poise under pressure? The Rams are hopeful that Green Lantern can shine on the field.

  • Detroit Lions: Batgirl 17

    DC Entertainment

    Detroit Lions: Batgirl

    While many will argue the Lions need a new wide receiver to fill the void left by Calvin Johnson, Detroit's top priority at this point is keeping quarterback Matthew Stafford on his feet. While Batgirl may not possess the prototypical size of an offensive tackle, her lateral quickness and hand-eye coordination make her an ideal fit. She can anticipate attacks and knows how to use an opponent's size and strength against them.

  • Atlanta Falcons: Mr. Freeze 16

    DC Entertainment

    Atlanta Falcons: Mr. Freeze

    At this point of the draft, most of the dynamic pass rushers are snatched up. While not as naturally gifted as the ones drafted before, Victor Freeze has the intellect and the technology to stop an offense cold. His combine results are difficult to decipher, though. Instead of taking his reps on the bench press for instance, he simply shot it with his freeze cannon and shattered it. Either way, he made his point.

  • Indianapolis Colts: Martian Manhunter 15

    DC Entertainment

    Indianapolis Colts: Martian Manhunter

    This years draft is loaded with great Offensive Lineman and Martian Manhunter is amongst the best of the best. A supremely gifted athlete with a high IQ and amazing versatility, making him a perfect fit for Andrew Luck and the Colts offense. Martian Manhunter's combine stats are more comparable with Superman than any of the other players at his position. The only knock on Martian Manhunter is his penchant to shrink under fire.

  • Buffalo Bills: Sinestro 14

    DC Entertainment

    Buffalo Bills: Sinestro

    It's no secret that Rex Ryan likes defenders who can intimidate opposing quarterbacks. What better fit for his defensive scheme than a man who feeds off the fear of other people? Sinestro comes with a number of red flags, namely his banishment from the Green Lantern Corps, but Ryan proved with his signing of Richie Incognito that he's not afraid of giving people second chances.

  • New York Jets: Swamp Thing 13

    DC Entertainment

    New York Jets: Swamp Thing

    The Jets don't have to look too far to fill a gaping hole they've been missing for quite some time. Located in their backyard, lurking in the waters of the Meadowlands, is their coveted pass rusher. Swamp Thing is a natural fit for Gang Green. With his formidable strength, ability to control his environment and organic adaptability, he will provide the Jets with a defensive force that will send chills down the opposing offense.

  • Washington Redskins: Bizarro 12

    DC Entertainment

    Washington Redskins: Bizarro

    Maybe the thinking here is that if the Redskins can't get Superman then they could opt for the next best thing. Bizarro is an imperfect clone of Superman, with all the attributes of the Man Of Steel but none of the intellect. In a bizarro world, Bizarro would most likely be the first pick in the draft but this is an obvious reach by the Redskins. Bizarro is unpredictable but maybe that lends to the entertainment value.

  • Houston Texans: Hawkman 11

    DC Entertainment

    Houston Texans: Hawkman

    The Brock Osweiler signing was a clear indication that the Texans plan to air it out next season on offense. With DeAndre Hopkins the top target, the Texans would be wise to draft another receiver who can take the pressure off their number one and also provide another deep threat for Osweiler. If Hawkman is still on the board, the Texans won't hesitate to snatch him. He can fly down the middle past defenders and has the ability to go up and over defenders to catch jump balls in red zone situations. He'll quickly become a favorite target for Osweiler.

  • Minnesota Vikings: Deadshot 10

    DC Entertainment

    Minnesota Vikings: Deadshot

    Minnesota Vikings fans have spent the offseason recovering from Blair Walsh's missed field goal. While a shutdown corner would be nice, the Vikings will draft a kicker: Deadshot. An expert marksman that never misses, Deadshot is projected to be the most accurate kicker of all-time. Rumor has it that Deadshot's aptitude for field goals is near perfect. In fact, it's rumored that any team that drafts the marksman will also cut their punter because of Deadshot's accuracy.

  • Cincinnati Bengals: Vixen 9

    DC Entertainment

    Cincinnati Bengals: Vixen

    With the departure of Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in free agency, the Bengals have a huge void to fill at the wide receiver position. Vixen solves the issue by providing a definitive second option to A.J. Green. Her combine numbers were off the charts, posting a 40 yard dash time on par with Flash, demonstrating elite level agility and surprising strength. Some have argued whether or not Vixen is the most athletic player with her ability to draw on the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on the planet. The Bengals are hoping she doesn't draw on the abilities of Ickey Woods.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Steel 8

    DC Entertainment

    Pittsburgh Steelers: Steel

    With the Man of Steel off the board the Pittsburgh Steelers will turn to the other Man of Steel. John Henry Irons (a.k.a. Steel) was born to play linebacker for the Steelers. With superhuman strength, endurance and a cool mallet to match, Irons will easily become a fan favorite in the Steel City. Lining him up alongside Ryan Shazier will give the Steelers the foundation of a formidable defensive core that will reign over the AFC North for years to come.

  • Seattle Seahawks: Joker 7

    DC Entertainment

    Seattle Seahawks: Joker

    The Clown Prince of Crime has terrorized Gotham City for quite some time. Thriving on chaos, he's simply too erratic for many teams and he'll likely plummet to this late in the draft. But if there's anything that gets Joker performing at his best, it's an audience. He's a great fit for the 12th man in Seattle. Joker's unpredictability will go well with the Legion of Boom. Offenses will never know what hit them.

  • Green Bay Packers: Atom 6

    DC Entertainment

    Green Bay Packers: Atom

    The knock on Atom is that he's too small to be an NFL linebacker and could be a liability against NFL competition. However, the Packers coaching staff feels as if Atom is the steal of the draft. According to the Packers scouts, Atom's abilities are only limited by how he applies them. Dom Capers 3-4 scheme is constantly evolving, making Atom's unique skill set ideal for the Packers. Atom possesses control over 100 percent of his body on a molecular level and we haven't truly seen what he's capable of.

  • Kansas City Chiefs: Green Arrow 5

    DC Entertainment

    Kansas City Chiefs: Green Arrow

    Alex Smith has been a steady force at the quarterback position for the Chiefs the past three years, but Kansas City has to start looking towards the future. Green Arrow is a perfect fit in Andy Reid's system and could benefit from sitting behind Smith for a year or two. Green Arrow can throw precision passes and can improvise when things start to collapse around him. Plus, he'd be playing in Arrowhead Stadium. Seems like a no-brainer.

  • Arizona Cardinals: Firestorm 4

    DC Entertainment

    Arizona Cardinals: Firestorm

    The Cardinals defense would be perfectly complimented by an explosive safety like Firestorm. Basically a living nuclear reactor, Firestorm is difficult to deal with when given the freedom to read the play in the secondary. His Wonderlic score from the combine is a bit odd. Looking at his answers, it's almost as if two different people were taking the test. Either way, we're sure that's something a coach as skilled as Bruce Arians can handle.

  • Carolina Panthers: Catwoman 3

    DC Entertainment

    Carolina Panthers: Catwoman

    Catwoman is elusive, clever and versatile making her a great fit for the Panthers 4-3 defense. What she lacks for in size and strength is an uncanny knack for theft, which bodes well for a defense that ranked first in takeaways. Catwoman seems to be at her best when working with strong veteran leadership as seen during her early years in Gotham. The Panthers may not have a Batman to help steer her in the right direction but they do have a Superman.

  • Denver Broncos: Ra's al Ghul 2

    DC Entertainment

    Denver Broncos: Ra's al Ghul

    His off field issues aside, Ghul showed tremendous athletic ability for someone his age at the NFL Combine. He won't confirm his age, but it's believed to easily be in the hundreds. Sources tell us the Broncos aren't only interested in his athletic ability either. The Lazarus Pit is what keeps Ghul so young. Word is that Broncos GM John Elway will step into the pit himself in order to take the field.

  • New England Patriots: Lex Luthor 1

    DC Entertainment

    New England Patriots: Lex Luthor

    In a shocking move, the New England Patriots move back into the first round and nab mastermind Lex Luthor to anchor their shaky offensive line. While Luthor has a laundry list of off the field issues, coach Bill Belichick admires his cunning wit and outside the box thinking. Luthor may not be an ideal fit at offensive tackle, he's proven in the past he can go head-to-head with any opponent, including the Man of Steel.

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