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Published: April 30, 2014 at 07:03 p.m.
Updated: April 30, 2014 at 07:15 p.m.

Johnny Manziel draft guests we'd like to see

There are eight people who would make for interesting company as Johnny Manziel's guest at Radio City Music Hall for the 2014 NFL Draft next week.

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  • Marshall Henderson 8

    John Bazemore

    Marshall Henderson

    Of all the stars Manziel has been known to hang out with, or at least take a photo with, the Ole Miss basketball hothead is among the most polarizing. In some ways, he's college basketball's answer to Manziel -- doing his thing, his way, with plenty of passion, plenty of haters, and zero apologies. (John Bazemore/Associated Press)

  • Drake 7

    David J. Phillip


    Too easy. Too obvious. Too much bromance. And, no doubt, the most likely attendee of all listed here. (David J. Phillip/Associated Press)

  • Kyndal Kyaire 6

    Matthew Emmons

    Kyndal Kyaire

    If you thought the picture of Manziel and the attractive bottle service waitress at a Texas Rangers game caught internet fire, just put her on Johnny Football's arm for the 2014 NFL Draft. No doubt, her public profile would be raised exponentially. (Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports)

  • Barry Switzer 5

    Greg Trott

    Barry Switzer

    Of all the critics who cast barbs at Johnny Football in the last couple of years -- and there have been plenty -- few did it in a more bombastic way than the former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys coach. Wouldn't matter how high Manziel got picked in the first round ... somehow, Switzer would end up being the one dropping the mic. (Greg Trott/Associated Press)

  • Mark Smith 4 Flores

    Mark Smith

    Who, you ask? Smith was Manziel's coach at Kerrville (Texas) Tivy High School. Manziel periodically mentions Smith as a strong influence on his athletic success. How cool would it be to reserve a seat for a guy who brought Manziel along before the Johnny Football persona ever took off?

  • Kate Upton 3

    Diane Bondareff

    Kate Upton

    As models who have been known hang out with athletes go, Upton ranks high. Reportedly, she's dated New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and Los Angeles Clippers star forward Blake Griffin. What's another quarterback in the trophy case? (Diane Bondareff/Associated Press)

  • Kevin Sumlin 2

    Patric Schneider

    Kevin Sumlin

    Nobody's benefitted from Manziel's success more, but perhaps nobody has endured as many Manziel-induced headaches. Sumlin deserves to give Manziel a personal send-off for the NCAA investigation that hung over the Aggies' entire preseason camp alone. (Patric Schneider/Associated Press)

  • LeBron James 1

    Chuck Burton

    LeBron James

    A Manziel-James combo would certainly be off the charts in terms of star power. OK, so it's pretty close to impossible with the Miami Heat set to be in the midst of an Eastern Conference semifinal appearance. Maybe, if the Heat draw the Brooklyn Nets in the series and find themselves on the road on May 8 ... nah. Wouldn't look good for King James' focus. (Chuck Burton/Associated Press)

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