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Published: Dec. 18, 2013 at 06:53 p.m.
Updated: Dec. 19, 2013 at 12:14 a.m.

Mind-blowing stats for Week 16 of the 2013 season

The Chiefs have played the NFL’s easiest strength of schedule so far. Can they beat an opponent with a winning record? Find out with these 10 mind-blowing stats for Week 16.

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  • On the road 10 Illustration

    On the road

    Drew Brees has thrown fewer than half as many TDs on the road (11) than at home (23) this season. He also has more than twice as many INTs on the road (7) as he has at home (3). Brees' five lowest passer ratings this season have come on the road, where his cumulative passer rating (86.3) is 36.2 points lower than it is at home (122.5).

  • Red-zone blues 9 Illustration

    Red-zone blues

    Chip Kelly's spread offense has struggled in the red zone. The Eagles' touchdown percentage in the red zone (45.8) ranks next-to-last in the NFL, while their yards per rush in the red zone (1.52) ranks 32nd of the NFL's 32 teams.

  • Kirk Cousins 8 Illustration

    Kirk Cousins

    In Week 15 against the Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins had 248 yards passing in the first half alone. Robert Griffin III averaged 246.4 yards passing per entire game this season.

  • Tony Romo 7 Illustration

    Tony Romo

    Tony Romo seems to throw interceptions at the worst times. In the last three seasons, he has 16 TDs and 0 INTs (131.5 passer rating) in the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter of games within 7 points. In the final five minutes of games when the score is within 7 points, Romo has two TDs and eight INTs, with a passer rating of 59.7.

  • Matthew Stafford 6 Illustration

    Matthew Stafford

    Matthew Stafford might be rivaling Tony Romo for his December performance. Stafford is 3-11 as a starter in December/January (including playoffs). He's lost seven straight December games. At 29.5, Stafford has the worst fourth-quarter passer rating in the NFL over the last five weeks. His fourth-quarter completion percentage (31.9) and INT total (four) are also worst in the NFL.

  • Colts vs. Chiefs 5 Illustration

    Colts vs. Chiefs

    The Chiefs have played the NFL's easiest strength of schedule. Their opponents have a combined record of 80-116 (.408). The Chiefs are 1-2 against opponents currently over .500 this season (losses to the Broncos in Weeks 11 and 13, a win at Eagles in Week 3). The Chiefs face the 9-5 Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

  • Steelers in Green Bay 4 Illustration

    Steelers in Green Bay

    Ben Roethlisberger will be the fifth Steelers QB since 1960 to play at Lambeau Field, joining Neil O’Donnell (two games) and Charlie Batch, Kent Nix and Cliff Stoudt, each of whom started one game at Lambeau. Why no Terry Bradshaw? Bradshaw played one game against the Packers on the road in 1975, but the game was played at Milwaukee County Stadium. Bradshaw led the Steelers to a 16-13 victory.

  • Punt of no return 3 Illustration

    Punt of no return

    The Seattle Seahawks have allowed 19 yards on punt returns the entire season (fewest in the NFL). Of the 14 punts returned against Seattle, the longest return was 10 yards (Ted Ginn, Week 1). That means the Seahawks have allowed 9 total punt-return yards since Week 2. For the entire season, the Seahawks are on pace to allow the fewest yards per punt return (1.4) since 1960. The 1967 Packers gave up 22 punt-return yards for an average of 1.7 yard per return.

  • Don't call it a comeback 2 Illustration

    Don't call it a comeback

    From 1995-2012, the New England Patriots lost three comebacks -- games where New England came back in the fourth quarter to take a lead, but ultimately lost. In their last five games, they have lost two: at Carolina and at Miami.

  • Candlestick Park 1 Illustration

    Candlestick Park

    The 49ers’ 204 regular season wins at Candlestick Park are the most wins by a team in its home stadium since 1950, two more than the Browns recorded in Cleveland Stadium and four more than the Packers have recorded in Lambeau Field.

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