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Published: Oct. 16, 2013 at 07:42 p.m.
Updated: Oct. 18, 2013 at 04:37 p.m.

Mind-blowing stats for Week 7 of the 2013 season

Other than the Broncos, which NFL offense has been the most reliable in 2013? Find out with these 10 mind-blowing stats for Week 7.

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  • Division winners 10 Ilustration

    Division winners

    Two teams remain unbeaten this season: The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs, both in the AFC West. This marks the second time since the NFL broke into divisions in 1933 that two teams within the same division won their first six games in a season.

  • Buffalo Bills 9 Ilustration

    Buffalo Bills

    The Bills are the only team other than the Denver Broncos to score 20+ points in every game this season.

    The Bills' matchup against the Miami Dolphins in Week 7 involves two teams that have been nothing if not consistent. Buffalo has scored 20-24 points in every game and allowed 20-27 points in all but one game. The Dolphins have scored 17-24 points in every game.

  • Completion percentage 8 Ilustration

    Completion percentage

    Nick Foles has a higher completion percentage, more touchdown passes and a higher passer rating than Michael Vick this season. And among all NFL QBs, Foles is completing the highest percentage of passes 11 or more yards downfield this season (minimum of 15 attempts). At 68.8 percent, Foles’completion percentage on such throws is better than Philip Rivers (65.2 percent), Peyton Manning (58.3) and Tony Romo (54.9).

  • NFC East 7 Ilustration

    NFC East

    The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are tied atop the NFC East with a 3-3 record, yet neither team has a victory against a team with a winning record. The Cowboys’ three opponents (NYG, STL and WAS) are a combined 4-13. The Eagles’ three opponents (WAS, NYG and TB) are a combined 1-15.

  • Clutch quarterbacks 6 Ilustration

    Clutch quarterbacks

    Tom Brady threw the game-winning 17-yard touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins with :05 seconds remaining in the New England Patriots' game against the New Orleans Saints. It was his 39th career game-winning drive (regular season and postseason combined), tying with Peyton Manning for the most since 2001.

  • Chiefs defense 5 Ilustration

    Chiefs defense

    How do you go from 2-14 to 6-0? The Kansas City Chiefs rank first in scoring defense (10.8 PPG) and sacks (30), and are tied for first in interceptions (10), fumble recoveries (8), and defensive touchdowns (4). The Chiefs are allowing opponents to complete only 52.9 percent of passes, which is best in the NFL.

  • Sherman vs. Fitzgerald 4 Ilustration

    Sherman vs. Fitzgerald

    When Richard Sherman has lined up opposite Larry Fitzgerald in their three previous matchups, Sherman has gotten the better of it. Cardinals QBs have completed only 5 of 15 passes to Fitz for 87 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT and a 26.3 passer rating. Sherman turned that pick into a 19-yard touchdown return. Unfortunately for Sherman, Fitzgerald no longer catches passes from John Skelton, who threw all 15 of those passes mentioned above.

  • Turnover differential 3 Ilustration

    Turnover differential

    How does a team get to 0-6? If you are the New York Giants, you do it by scoring 9.6 fewer points per game and allowing 13.3 more points per game than last season. Perhaps the best way to start 0-6 is to have a turnover differential that goes from +14 in 2012 to -16 in 2013.

  • Texans defense 2 Ilustration

    Texans defense

    The Houston Texans -- the only team in NFL history to throw a pick-6 in five straight games -- can stake claim to another statistical oddity. The Texans have the NFL’s best total defense (252.8 YPG) but rank 28th in scoring defense (29.5 PPG). In NFL history, there has never been a gap this big between a team’s total defense and scoring defense six games into a season.

  • Touchdown leaders 1 Ilustration

    Touchdown leaders

    The Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning leads the NFL with 22 touchdown passes, and Knowshon Moreno leads the NFL with 7 rushing touchdowns. The last time a team had the leader in both categories this late in the season was in 2002, when the Chiefs’ Trent Green had 15 TD passes and Priest Holmes had 9 TDs.

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