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Published: April 4, 2014 at 06:21 p.m.
Updated: April 4, 2014 at 06:36 p.m.

WWE and the NFL

WrestleMania XXX is Sunday, live from New Orleans. And with that in mind, I have taken the liberty of matching some of NFL superstars with their WWE counterparts. Agree or disagree, can we all just agree to boo Batista this weekend? That’s the spirit.

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  • Tom Brady = Chris Jericho 22

    Associated Press

    Tom Brady = Chris Jericho

    There was a time when Jericho was the true underdog story, a guy who rose from seemingly nowhere to become a champion. In fact, he was the first undisputed champion in WWE history. But he's gone a long time since he won a title and now seems more as an elite guy who is just there to put over the other talent. Sound familiar? To show you how magnanimous I can be, I won't even make a "Did Jericho tape The Rock and Steve Austin's walk-through to win the undisputed titles" joke. You can do that in the comment section. Not until you've sifted through all of these slides. Trust me, we're just getting started.

  • Haloti Ngata = Mark Henry 21

    Associated Press

    Haloti Ngata = Mark Henry

    If you know the words to Henry's entrance music, I think of that every time I see Ngata play. It would be really cool to have Ngata and Henry compete in a bench press contest. Shoot, you should center your Pro Bowl festivities on this. Oh, don't bother going to look it up. Ngata did 37 reps on the bench press during the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine.

  • Andy Dalton = Sheamus 20

    Associated Press

    Andy Dalton = Sheamus

    Red heads! Look, it was Red Dalton or Carson Palmer. For the record, if you based Sheamus on "good guy I can't believe people are rooting for," I might have opted for Peyton Manning. But we will cover the Broncos quarterback in greater detail in a moment.

  • Ryback = Rob Gronkowski 19

    Associated Press/WWE

    Ryback = Rob Gronkowski

    Anytime I see Ryback doing that ridiculous shoulder pop and the "feed me more" thing, I can't help but think of Gronkowski doing this. If you saw Gronkowski try to land a wrestling maneuver on one of his buddies in the middle of a Las Vegas dance floor earlier this year, he can botch a move just like Ryback.

  • Jay Cutler = The Miz 18

    Associated Press

    Jay Cutler = The Miz

    Both have roots in reality TV shows. The Miz got his big break when he appeared on MTV's "The Real World." Cutler has a well-publicized romance with "The Hills" star Kristin Cavallari. While neither are cheered by the masses (well, not until recently for The Miz), I'm kind of drawn to both of them.

  • Tony Romo = Dolph Ziggler 17

    Associated Press

    Tony Romo = Dolph Ziggler

    Both seem poised to be champions, but there's just something missing. Probably because both guys are more entertaining through losing than winning. But would this make Tyron Smith the Big E Langston of the Cowboys?

  • Larry Fitzgerald = Heath Slater 16

    Associated Press/WWE

    Larry Fitzgerald = Heath Slater

    Slater is one of the best workers in the WWE and he makes those he works with look better than they should. Much like Fitzgerald and some of the quarterbacks he's had. Slater would be one of the best in the game if he had a better team around him. Much like Fitzgerald would be.

  • Blaine Gabbert = Zack Ryder 15

    Associated Press/WWE

    Blaine Gabbert = Zack Ryder

    Jobbers. That's all.

  • Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are The Shield 14

    Associated Press/WWE

    Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are The Shield

    The "hounds of justice" have pretty much run roughshod over the WWE for the past year, similarly to the way the Seahawks defensive backfield did in 2013. Man, what I wouldn't give for the defensive backs to enter the stadium in battle fatigues with "Sierra, Echo, Alfa, Hotel, Alfa, Whisky, Kilo, Sierra, The Seahawks!" blaring over the speakers.

  • Jared Allen is Bray Wyatt 13

    Associated Press/WWE

    Jared Allen is Bray Wyatt

    Wyatt is one of the top villains in professional wrestling right now. And the newest Monster of the Midway made himself into one of the league's top heels when he jumped ship for the rival Chicago Bears. And to be honest, I love the both of them, so there is that.

  • Peyton Manning is John Cena 12

    Peyton Manning is John Cena

    You could easily reason Manning and Cena are at the top of their respective companies right now. Though, Manning might not be the polarizing figure in the NFL universe as Cena is in the WWE universe, but Peyton's fan boys are just as fervent. Because both Manning and Cena fans take it way too seriously when you poke fun at them. And further, both could lose in the Super Bowl and WrestleMania and the fan boys will still feel the same way. Ask Dan Hanzus.

  • Luke Kuechly  is Cesaro 11

    Associated Press/WWE

    Luke Kuechly is Cesaro

    Kuechly is on his way to becoming the best defensive player in the NFL. But only the smartest of NFL Fans would even recognize him. Cesaro is easily one of the most proficient performers not named Daniel Bryan currently on the WWE roster.

  • Chris Kluwe is CM Punk 10

    Chris Kluwe is CM Punk

    This goes beyond the doppelganger looks. Kluwe is out-spoken, and his words have probably kept him from getting back into the NFL. Punk, or Phil Brooks as you might know him now, is in a similar situation with his company. Both are two of my favorites and I long for their return.

  • Mathews Brothers are Cody Rhodes and Goldust 9

    Mathews Brothers are Cody Rhodes and Goldust

    I'm just trying to figure out which one is Goldust. It's got to be Clay, right? But in any event, all four of these athletes have legacies that have followed their fathers into their respective professions.

  • Brandon Mebane is Fandango 8

    Associated Press/WWE

    Brandon Mebane is Fandango

    Mebane was the winner of NFL AM's annual "Dancing with the Starters" contest. And, well, do I really have to explain this any further? Because dancing! One of our editors Tyler Pistoia reasoned Pat McAfee would be a better choice here. You know what, I'll let you decide. Or come up with a better one.

  • Philip Rivers is Randy Orton 7

    Philip Rivers is Randy Orton

    Both Orton and Rivers are much better, and I would say at the top of their game when they are playing the bad guy.

  • Ray Lewis is The Rock 6

    Ray Lewis is The Rock

    The Rock stuck around for one last title run, though he might have been way past his prime while he did it. Oh wait, I'm talking about The Rock, right? Because the same could very well be said of Lewis who won a Super Bowl title in his final season. Am I right?

  • Ndamukong Suh is Batista 5

    Associated Press/WWE

    Ndamukong Suh is Batista

    Both look the part. One looks like he should be the best player in the game, and the other looks like he should be the best in the ring. But in the end, both are huffing around the field/ring, taking cheap shots and drawing the ire of fans everywhere. Suhtista!

  • Roger Goodell is Triple H 4

    Roger Goodell is Triple H

    Both might catch heat from the fans, but they always smartly do what's best for business.

  • Troy Polamalu is The Undertaker 3

    Troy Polamalu is The Undertaker

    Both performers have lived off their mystique for quite some time now, but the fans still mark out like no other when either of them appears. Although, the two now have distinctly different contrasts in hair, they are very similar.

  • Russell Wilson is Daniel Bryan 2

    Russell Wilson is Daniel Bryan

    Wilson was a third-round draft pick who didn't look the part of an NFL quarterback. Some said he was too small to succeed with the current giants of the league. Bryan has fought the same stereotypes since he walked into the WWE as a contestant on NXT, despite years of success as an independent wrestler. Wilson, of course, proved the skeptics wrong with a victory in Super Bowl XLVIII. Bryan looks to do the same at WrestleMania XXX.

  • Charles Woodson is Christian 1

    Associated Press/WWE

    Charles Woodson is Christian

    Both are highly regarded superstars who might be past their championship prime, but they have stuck around for one more game/match. The biggest question is, will they ever get the chance to hold the gold once again?

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