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Published: Dec. 6, 2012 at 06:25 p.m.
Updated: Dec. 23, 2012 at 09:05 p.m.

This is 40: Our favorite 40+ NFL players of all time

With the release of director Judd Apatow latest film This is 40 hitting theaters this holiday season, we thought it would be appropriate to honor our favorite quadragenarians to play in the NFL. Take a look at this gallery featuring some of the best 40-plus year old players in NFL history.

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  • George Blanda (48) 10

    National Football League

    George Blanda (48)

    Along the course of his storied 26-year career as a quarterback and kicker, George Blanda amassed a myriad of records, some better than others. Brett Favre was able to surpass Blanda's record for the most interceptions all-time. If Blanda were alive today he'd likely be rooting for Mark Sanchez to overtake his other unsightly record - 42 interceptions ... in a single season.

  • Doug Flutie (43) 9

    Robert E. Klein/Associated Press

    Doug Flutie (43)

    A diminutive quarterback by NFL standards, Doug Flutie won the hearts of many with his gutsy performances and craftiness on the field. In the twilight of his career, Flutie even drop kicked a football for an extra points while playing for the New England Patriots, something that hadn't been done since 1941.

  • Vinny Testaverde (44) 8

    Scott A. Miller/Associated Press

    Vinny Testaverde (44)

    Obviously, we had to include the oldest quarterback to win an NFL game on this list. In addition to several impressive records Vinny Testaverde holds (most consecutive seasons with a touchdown pass, for one), is the record for the most losses by a starting quarterback. However, given the franchises Testaverde played with (Buccaneers, Browns, Jets) that's really not too hard to believe.

  • Bruce Smith (40) 7

    Paul Spinelli/Associated Press

    Bruce Smith (40)

    Sack master Bruce Smith may have only just crossed the 40-year-old mark before retiring, but he still deserves a spot on this list. After all, it was in his penultimate season that he surpassed Reggie White as the all-time NFL leader in sacks.

  • Steve DeBerg (44) 6

    Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

    Steve DeBerg (44)

    Arguably the all-time best journeyman quarterback, DeBerg's career spanned 21 years, and eight different teams. DeBerg retired in 1993, only to return for a swan song in 1998 with the Atlanta Falcons after Chris Chandler was injured. When the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl later that year, DeBerg became the oldest player to appear in a Super Bowl, at age 45, but did not play. He reportedly spent the entirety of the game on the sideline looking for his car keys.

  • Jerry Rice (42) 5

    David Drapkin/Associated Press

    Jerry Rice (42)

    Afflictions that plague most human beings such as age and fatigue eluded Jerry Rice for the entirety of his 20-year NFL career. Along that career he claimed the top spot in nearly every all-time receiving category. If one of his most treasured records ever was broken, Rice could probably return at the age of 60 and reclaim it.

  • Brett Favre (41) 4

    Andy King/Associated Press

    Brett Favre (41)

    What list would be complete without Brett Favre? The ageless wonder not only played until he was 41 years old, but did so amidst his ridiculous streak of 297 consecutive starts. Retirements and unretirements aside, Favre was a legend on the gridiron and one of the best players in the league, even after he was "over-the-hill."

  • Junior Seau (40) 3

    Stephan Savoia/Associated Press

    Junior Seau (40)

    Junior Seau makes the list for a being a great person as well as a player. One of his final seasons also came as the Patriots were attempting to rewrite the history books and become the first 19-0 team in NFL history. But we all know how that ended. Nevertheless, it was great to see Seau on the field in any capacity as he closed out an historic career.

  • Warren Moon (44) 2

    National Football League

    Warren Moon (44)

    Warren Moon put together a Hall of Fame career while in the NFL, and even made history as he continued to age. Moon was even named to the Pro Bowl in 1997, at the age of 40. Unfortunately, Moon wasn't able to continue piling up accolades in his 40s because he signed with the NFL equivalent of a retirement home for his final two seasons - the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Morten Andersen (47) 1

    John Bazemore/Associated Press

    Morten Andersen (47)

    Wait, Morten Andersen isn't in the league any longer? Well, in that case, we can include him on this list. It would have been rude not to include at least one kicker on here. Andersen is after all the all-time leading scorer in NFL history. But, still, he's a kicker...

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