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Published: July 3, 2012 at 06:42 p.m.
Updated: July 3, 2012 at 09:08 p.m.

A look back at Mr. Irrelevant

With "Irrelevant Week" upon us once again, Around The League takes a look back at 10 notable players selected with the final pick in the NFL draft. The "Mr. Irrelevant" title didn't show up until Paul Salata coined the term in 1976, but our list factors in all the men selected last in draft history.

Society might see them as irrelevant, but their mothers do not. And you know what? That's good enough for us.

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  • <strong>Kelvin Kirk, WR<br>Pittsburgh Steelers, 1976<br>Round 17, 487th overall <br></strong> 10

    Kelvin Kirk, WR
    Pittsburgh Steelers, 1976
    Round 17, 487th overall

    There's always been a final pick in the NFL draft, but Kirk was the first player to be deemed "Mr. Irrelevant." We imagine this didn't go over very well at the time. He missed his flight to SoCal for "Irrelevant Week," so he was replaced by a local butcher who served as a passable doppelganger.

  • <strong>Andy Stokes, TE<br>
New England Patriots, 2005<br>
Round 7, 255th overall <br></strong> 9

    Robert E. Klein/Associated Press

    Andy Stokes, TE
    New England Patriots, 2005
    Round 7, 255th overall

    Stokes, left, never made it to the NFL, but his wife used to be a backup dancer for Beyonce ... so yeah, that gets you on my list. According to USA Today, he's now co-owner and player for the Dixie Rebels, a semipro team in St. George, Utah. His wife is the team's director of entertainment, which we imagine has a strict No-Beyonce policy.

  • <strong>Jim Finn, FB<br>
Chicago Bears, 1999<br>
Round 7, 253rd overall <br></strong> 8

    Elaine Thompson/Associated Press

    Jim Finn, FB
    Chicago Bears, 1999
    Round 7, 253rd overall

    Finn bounced around the league for a couple years before earning a starting job with the New York Giants. He started 42 games for Big Blue before retiring after the 2007 season. He's now part of a concussion-related lawsuit filed against the NFL.

  • <strong>Marty Moore, LB<br>
New England Patriots, 1994<br>
Round 7, 222nd overall <br></strong> 7

    National Football League

    Marty Moore, LB
    New England Patriots, 1994
    Round 7, 222nd overall

    Another "Mr. Irrelevant" success story, Moore holds the distinctions of most games played by a final pick (112) and first Mr. I to play in a Super Bowl (with the Pats in January 1997).

    "I had no idea what Mr. Irrelevant was until (Bill) Parcells told me," Moore told USA Today. "It was a fun week, but a lot of mockery and guys were handing me cards saying, 'Here's a job for when you get cut.' "

    Not cool, guys.

  • <strong>Ryan Succop, K<br>
Kansas City Chiefs, 2009<br>
Round 7, 256th overall <br></strong> 6

    Ed Zurga/Associated Press

    Ryan Succop, K
    Kansas City Chiefs, 2009
    Round 7, 256th overall

    Succop has developed into a legitimately good NFL kicker, even setting the NFL record for the highest field goal percentage by a rookie (86.2 percent). Last season, he matched Pete Stoyanovich's Chiefs record for 22 consecutive field goals without a miss. He signed a five-year, $14 million contract extension in December.

    "I always feel bad for the guy who is picked next to last because he missed by one and doesn't get anything," Succop told USA Today.

    We're pretty pumped about organically working in that Pete Stoyanovich reference.

  • <strong>Michael Green, DB<br>
Chicago Bears, 2000<br>
Round 7, 254th overall <br></strong> 5

    Al Golub/Associated Press

    Michael Green, DB
    Chicago Bears, 2000
    Round 7, 254th overall

    Green, right, found his niche with the Bears in 2002, when he started all 16 games and made 100 solo tackles. He finished his career with four interceptions, eight fumble recoveries and 340 tackles. Statistically speaking, he is the greatest "Mr. Irrelevant" ever (non-kicker division.)

  • <strong>
Charlie Wade, WR<br>
Miami Dolphins, 1973<br>
Round 17, 442nd overall <br></strong> 4

    Charlie Wade, WR
    Miami Dolphins, 1973
    Round 17, 442nd overall

    Drafted in the afterglow of the Dolphins' undefeated season of 1972, Wade made an impact two years later when he ranked ninth in the NFL with 683 receiving yards. Fun-Fact-That-May-Or-May-Not-Be-True: Finishing with 683 receiving yards would rank you 3,235th in the league in 2011.

  • <strong>Bill Kenney, QB<br>
Miami Dolphins, 1978<br>
Round 12, 333rd <br></strong> 3

    National Football League

    Bill Kenney, QB
    Miami Dolphins, 1978
    Round 12, 333rd

    Kenney earned Mr. Irrelevant honors on a technicality. He was actually picked second-to-last in '78, but a back injury kept Cowboys guard and rightful Mr. Irrelevant Lee Washburn from ever wearing his crown. Kenney did the title proud in Washburn's place, throwing for more than 4,000 yards and earning a Pro Bowl selection in 1983.

    Kenney found more success in politics. He became the majority floor leader of the Missouri Senate, an office he held for two years.

  • <strong>Jimmy Walker<br>New Orleans Saints, 1967<br>Round 17, 445th overall <br></strong> 2

    Associated Press

    Jimmy Walker
    New Orleans Saints, 1967
    Round 17, 445th overall

    Walker never played a down of college football, but his All-American talent on the basketball court got him drafted anyway. He followed his hoop dreams, and became the first overall pick of the Detroit Pistons in the 1967 NBA Draft. That's right; he went last to first across the drafts of two major professional sports. Beat that.

    Walker had a solid NBA career, playing in two All-Star Games over nine seasons with the Pistons, Rockets and Kings.

  • <strong>Chandler Harnish, QB<br>Indianapolis Colts, 2012<br>Round 7, 253rd overall <br></strong> 1

    Darron Cummings/Associated Press

    Chandler Harnish, QB
    Indianapolis Colts, 2012
    Round 7, 253rd overall

    Which takes us to the reigning Mr. Irrelevant. The Colts bookended the 2012 NFL Draft with two quarterbacks, taking Andrew Luck No. 1 overall and Harnish No. 253.

    This would appear to be a serious roadblock for Harnish, but his goal for now should be earning a spot on the final roster, not displacing The Chosen One.

    Harnish is in Newport Beach, Calif., this week celebrating his Mr. Irrelevant title. He'll go to Disneyland, attend a beach party, play golf, get roasted by players and celebrities and sit on a parade float.

    "The name 'Mr. Irrelevant' kind of puts a negative spin on it at times," Harnish said last week, "but for me, it's going to be a great experience... There are not many opportunities in your lifetime you get to experience something like this."

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