Jackson would like to be a Charger, but he wants fair pay


Editor's note: NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora sat down for an exclusive interview with Vincent Jackson, who's training in Arizona while holding out from the San Diego Chargers over his contract situation. The interview will air Friday on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access," but here are La Canfora's initial thoughts after talking with Jackson.

I would say in general that Jackson seemed at ease, almost placid and reasoned about everything. He's a thoughtful guy who doesn't really want the spotlight but clearly understands the problems he's caused for himself and their severity.

I felt like I needed to double back on him a few times on the DUIs and the idea that he'd sit out the entire season, and he was resolute about both. Although not being around football is stinging him, I can't see him ever playing for that $600,000 restricted-free-agent tender.

We chatted for a good bit off camera as well, and he seems generally confused about the Chargers' stance. I believe he would, indeed, love to remain a Charger, as he says, and he loves the area, the system and his teammates. But if a trade came along, he gets the business and wouldn't fight it.

Jackson believes much of this is out of his control and ultimately wants fair compensation and some long-term security after productive years in this league. It's a gamble for any general manager, however, and an impasse that might not be resolved for quite some time.



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