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Heart of the Game

Presented by Citi

It's at the 50-yard line. It powers every fan's loyalty for the future. It's passion for a city that will continue to make progress in the face of uncertainty. That's the heart of the game.



From the steel-reinforced character of Pittsburgh, to the spirit of rebirth in Atlanta. From the drum beat of Chiefs Kingdom in Kansas City, to the legacy of Titans in Nashville. This is what unifies a city, it’s people, and their team. This is Heart of the Game.

Atlanta Falcons

"Atlanta to this day has been starving for a winner, and they gonna ride with you." – Deion Sanders, Hall of Fame class of 2011

Green Bay Packers

“I've never been part of a team and a community that's been this close.” - Mike Daniels, Packers DT

Tennessee Titans

"The feelings and emotions on game day in Nashville are electric" – Bud Judkins (Super Fan)

Featuring music by Striking Matches and original song by Gabriel Kitzman Music.

Seattle Seahawks

"Sundays in Seattle, there's nothing like it anywhere in the league" - Steven Raible, Seahawks play-by-play announcer

Pittsburgh Steelers

"That terrible towel is the symbol and the key of the whole spirit of the Steeler Nation." - Bill Hillgrove, Steelers Play-by-play broadcaster

Kansas City Chiefs

"I think about the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, almost every week. I hope that I get to experience that day." Mitch Holthus, Chiefs Play-by-Play Announcer