Put Marshal Yanda in the HOF for this epic taser story


No one could question Marshal Yanda's toughness over a 13-year career.

Especially when that career began with a voluntary tasering.

The now-retired eight-time Pro Bowl guard won the locker room over with an electrifying bet in his rookie season, according to this video posted by the Ravens.

That 2007 Ravens locker room was chock full of defenders you didn't want to mess with. Yanda earned a little credibility for the offense -- plus an easy $600.

And when Yanda says easy, he means easy.

"I don't know if the batteries were dead or -- I used to get shocked on the electric fence at the farm -- I'm used to it," Yanda told Bart Scott. "It wasn't bad at all. It's still probably the easiest $600 I've ever made to this day."

They don't build them like Yanda anymore. Enjoy retirement, you blocking legend.



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