Did Patrick Mahomes' classmate predict SBLIV in 2014?


Patrick Mahomes was voted "Most Likely to Hoist a Lombardi" by one of his high school classmates.

Meet Spencer Shaw, Mahomes' Whitehouse (Texas) High School classmate who called a Mahomes Super Bowl title back in 2014.

The Chiefs star was just a three-star recruit back then. Shaw still believed he was destined for greatness -- and said so in the school's yearbook.

Last year, a Dee Ford penalty might've prevented Mahomes from winning it all. A 2018 title would've come in right before the Whitehouse five-year reunion.

Mahomes and Shaw's 10-year reunion will happen in 2024. No. 15 can show his Super Bowl LIV ring off then -- and perhaps a few more.



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