McCaskey: 'Bears were back' before 2019 letdown

  • By Grant Gordon
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For a storied franchise whose lineage runs parallel with the NFL's, the Bears' 12-4 turnaround 2018 season seemed to come at the perfect time for a perfect centennial story.

"You know, we talked a lot about because the 2018 season kind of set the stage: 'Wouldn't it be wonderful in our centennial season, on George Halas' birthday, to win the Super Bowl?'" Bears chairman George McCaskey said to reporters on Tuesday, via the Chicago Sun-Times. "And it didn't work out. Everybody knows winning the Super Bowl in any season under any circumstances is special."

But, of course, a perfect storyline would have made it all the more special.

Instead, when the Super Bowl delivers itself into America's living room on Feb. 2 -- George Halas' birthday -- the Bears will have been more than a month into the hibernation of their offseason.

Brimming with aspirations, talent and hope, the Bears fell flat with a .500 showing and McCaskey found himself disappointed just as his mom, franchise matriarch Virginia McCaskey, did.

"Like all Bears fans, she's disappointed," he said. "The hope was there. The Bears were back. And then to take a step back was especially disappointing. And she feels it, like all Bears fans do."

The Bears are expected to be back with many of the same players next season and though an air of disappointment seems to still hang over the Windy City, McCaskey reinforced his trust and approval of coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace as they all left for the offseason with eyes looking ahead to 2020.

Said McCaskey: "We're confident in them making the right decisions for the Bears going forward."