Rank's 11 Week 16 sleepers: Fitzmagic makes sense


Every summer, most fantasy writers pen these "to-do" lists for their upcoming drafts. And one of the biggest "to-dos" for this season (even advocated by me) was to make sure that you had Chris Godwin on your squad. And he's been amazing. I remember being in Las Vegas drafting with a number of my friends when I saw that Godwin was still available in the middle of the fourth round. I couldn't believe my good fortune. I wasted no time in snatching up Godwin and felt like I was the smartest man alive!

But also in those "to-do" lists are a warning not to be drinking when drafting. And well, let's just say I was in Las Vegas, so go ahead and do the math on that one. I bring this up because I neglected to tell you that I had already drafted Mike Evans in the second round (which I did on a lot of my teams). It was the kind of move where you're like, "I can't believe I just did that."

Which might as well be the tag-line for Las Vegas.

My immediate response was to text my friend Matt Harmon to ask him what I had just done. To which he said that if you were going to double up on one team, that would be the team to do it. And he was right. But, with the way the season has gone the last couple of weeks, I don't need to tell you the kind of dire predicament I'm in at the moment now that I'm likely down both of them. I'm playing against my friend Lauren, who is pretty anxious to knock me off. (I will say this, Lauren is an ardent Broncos fan, so I'm pretty excited to play the Broncos DST against her this week. David Blough in Denver? If I don't get 14 points out of this, I'm going to get mad.)

If you're looking for help at the receiver position, I would suggest the following: Breshad Perriman, who I suggested last week. Now, he's probably off your waiver wire this week. And if he's not, you should play him if you got him. Be mindful the Texans have allowed 2.1 receiving touchdowns per game this year. That's tied for fourth-most in the NFL.

I wish I had started him over Mike Williams (another Rank's 11 last week) against the Fantasy Footballers. Williams was good last week, though. So I can't be too upset about it. You pick up a guy off waiver and he gives you 17 points, you have to like that. I also like him against the Raiders this week. So since I kind of cheated with a few guys I told you to play last week (which included Anthony Miller which led many of you on Twitter to say, "rAnK pIcKeD a BeArS wR" but he also was a stud). So deal with it. Here are some more sleepers who should be able to carry you this week. I'll start with a few extra wide receivers.

Chris Conley, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

I'm debating on streaming Gardner Minshew this week (more on him in a moment). Conley posted 20+ points last week. That was his highest total of the season. Thanks in no small part to his two touchdowns. Now, some fantasy analysts will say (stuff) like, "if it wasn't for those touchdowns." But that's like saying, "if Babe Ruth didn't hit 714 home runs, he wouldn't have any." And I know I went all Boomer on you by going to Babe Ruth, a baseball player that many of you Gen Z kids have never heard of. But I'm good with it.

Greg Ward, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

I would imagine the goal of every Eagles receiver is to be publicly shamed by a local hero on television (probably not), but Philly is really searching for dudes to play receiver. It's like when you're at a park and there are nine of you available to play a game of pickup hoops. And you have to go ask the dude swinging his toddler on the swing set if they want to run. And yes, he is wearing running shoes and jeans. But let's run!

Philip Rivers, QB, Los Angeles Chargers

Now, I put this out on my IG (adamranknfl), but I have Josh Allen in that league I was talking about up there. And since I'm throwing YOLO balls out there, should I just stick with Allen who has a tough matchup against the Patriots? Because a lot of you kids think I should go with Rivers. He's had at least two touchdowns in two of his last three games. Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) has allowed the second-most passing yards per game to quarterbacks. And the third-most passing touchdowns per game. This is who I should start, right? I mean, it could be his last game in Los Angeles. A city he has a long history wi ... ah, well. Never mind that. But this could be his last game with the Chargers. So there is that.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Miami Dolphins

Finally, a home game again. So I would again feel safe rolling with Fitzmagic. He's had at least 20 fantasy points in three of his last four. And the Bengals are playing for, yeah, nothing. I mean, Zac Taylor doesn't want to lose. I'm just saying it's not going to be the worst thing ever if they did. Not that they would do that.

Gardner Minshew, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

I love that this dude went up to Oakland and just wanted to spoil the sendoff for the Oakland Raiders. Even led a rally! I love it. The Falcons have allowed the fifth-most points to quarterbacks this season.

Mike Boone, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Could be the Vikings running back this week. Though, watch it be Ameer Abdullah because, of course it will be. But the Packers have allowed the seventh-most fantasy points to running backs since Week 9. And Boone is a dude I always love in the preseason, so this could be a great opportunity for him. Seriously, I don't often say nice things about the Vikings. But I like Boone.

Adrian Peterson, RB, Washington

Speaking of not saying nice things about Vikings, or former Vikings. Here's AD. At least 12 fantasy points in three consecutive games. The Giants have allowed a lot of rushing yards. Or at least they are 11th in most allowed.

Boston Scott, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

He's had at least 13 fantasy points in back-to-back games. And he played 45 percent of the snaps last week. The Cowboys have allowed 10 rushing touchdowns to running backs this year. That's the 11th-highest total in the league.

Noah Fant, TE, Denver Broncos

This has been one of my guys for the last few weeks. The Lions have allowed the sixth-most yards per game to tight ends this season. And the ninth-most fantasy points to the position since Week 3.

OJ Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Godwin down, I feel good that this could be another one of those magical weeks by Howard. So I'm looking forward to jumping in with this. Houston has allowed the fourth-most fantasy points to tight ends this year.



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