Jalen Ramsey asks Vick for 'tips' on how to stop Lamar


If you took the time to listen to the press conferences leading up to any team's meeting with the Baltimore Ravens in 2019, you'd hear a lot of the same things about Lamar Jackson.

He's special. Dynamic. You just have to find a way to bring him down.

All of those points are valid, and while teams have found some success to varying degrees, most have arrived at the same result: defeat.

Jalen Ramsey, new addition to the Rams via trade, has decided to take a different approach. Being the social media-savvy millennial that he is, Ramsey took to Instagram to reach out to someone who just might have a unique perspective on how to stop Jackson.

"Soo uhh @mikevick how would you stop someone like.. well kinda like yourself but the 2019 version??" Ramsey wrote in a caption accompanying a photo of him with scintillating former quarterback Michael Vick. "I need tips for the game."

If one traces the modern history of the NFL, it seems as if the league is graced by one truly dynamic, incredible threat at quarterback with each decade or so. The league received the talents of Randall Cunningham in the 1980s and 1990s, Vick arrived in 2001, and Jackson came into the fold last season. And each has built upon what those before him left behind to become even better.

Vick was the dual-threat with a cannon-like left arm who could also rip off an incredible long run -- "Go Mike Vick!" -- so well that he inspired his own Nike commercial titled "The Michael Vick Experience."

Folks have since shifted to dubbing Jackson's Sunday performances "The Lamar Jackson Experience."

The difference between the two: Vick ran when he needed to, but was still expected to pass first. Jackson's offense is tailored around his ability to pass and run. You never know if you'll get a handoff to Mark Ingram, a keeper from Jackson out of the shotgun, or a missle over the middle to Mark Andrews for a touchdown.

Vick's response shouldn't be a surprise.

"Tough question bruh... see the reality is this... Lamar is Mike Vick 2019, but with an offense built around his skill, which makes it hard to say. I wouldn't know what to do against a guy kinda like myself.

He then closed with a crying laughing emoji and a wise hashtag: #giveiteverythingyougot.

Jackson has catapulted himself into the MVP conversation and has his Ravens at 8-2 because of his steady improvement at the controls of Greg Roman's offense, which includes college-style read-option elements that make Jackson even more dangerous. And for those in the "Jackson can't pass" camp, well:

Jackson is first in the NFL in completion percentage (76.6), pass yards per attempt (9.5), passing and rushing touchdowns (11 combined) and passer rating (145.1) since Week 9, per NFL Research. He has Baltimore's offense operating on all cylinders.

There's reason for encouragement for Rams fans. Since Ramsey's arrival from Jacksonville, Los Angeles has allowed just 11 points per game, the fewest in the NFL.

We'll see on Monday night if Ramsey's film study and Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' game plan is more help than Vick's reply.