Rank's 11 Week 11 fantasy sleepers: Roll with Derek Carr


There is a scene in Ocean's 11 where Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) is teaching a bunch of CW Stars how to play poker. Really, it might seem a bit trivial and forced (like Ocean's 12), but is really one of the most important parts of the entire series. You can read more about that here. But in that moment, Barry Watson is taking a second-look at his cards to see if he wants to fold or not. Rusty tells Barry to stop looking, because you already know what you have. And it's not great.

And this is a pretty good lesson in fantasy football, too. You know what you have on your roster at the moment. Don't keep staring at it. There are some players you are going to have to fold and throw back into the pot as you move on. And this could mean a couple of different things.

You could consolidate some of that depth that you have. Maybe take a huge swing for a big-name player. (I've been trying to acquire Saquon Barkley from Candice Patton in Fantasy League 1) if possible.

But you could (and should) be looking to make a sort of reserve roster for emergencies. For instance, Daniel Jones is available on a lot of waiver wires. And while most fantasy advocates say that you don't need to carry multiple quarterbacks, this is the time of year when you should. We all probably have a locked-in quarterback (and even if you don't), you need to make sure your protected down the road against any injuries. Just ask anybody who drafted Patrick Mahomes this year. Looking at Jones' playoff schedule, he has the Dolphins and Redskins for the final two games of the season. Choice matchups. And while I'm not going to start Jones over Lamar Jackson or some (expletive), I would like to have a capable backup at this time of the season. If that makes sense to you.

So with that little PSA out of the way, let's get to some players you can roll with this week.

Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders

Love this matchup against the Bengals who can't stop anybody on the ground. Which means a huge potential for Josh Jacobs in this matchup. But the Bengals have allowed 26.9 fantasy points to quarterbacks since Week 6, which is the most in the NFL. So I love the idea of Derek getting some sneaky touchdowns this week.

Kyle Allen, QB, Carolina Panthers

The Falcons just had a great upset over the Saints last week. Now they are ready to go on vacation for the rest of the season. I kind of love how sneaky-good the Panthers offense has become in recent weeks. D.J. Moore is starting to become a stud. But I love Allen who should tee off against a defense that has allowed 19 touchdown passes this season. Just don't let Christian McCaffrey hog them all.

Derrius Guice, RB, Washington Redskins

I loved covering Bolsa Grande High School when I was doing preps for the Orange County Register. Bolsa Grande didn't get all of the great football prospects from that area that went to Pacifica or Grove. But they had a bunch of dudes who played hard every week. But most importantly, they ran the ball almost exclusively. Which meant the games were like an hour and a half. So that was big. The Redskins are the NFL version of that. So while Guice has to take carries from Adrian Peterson and the offensive line has issues, I'm good with Guice.

J.D. McKissic, RB, Detroit Lions

There are questions about Ty Johnson's availability against the Cowboys which could expand McKissic's role. He's had at least 11 points in consecutive games. The Cowboys have allowed 6.4 receptions per game to running backs this year, the fifth-highest total in the league.

Duke Johnson, RB, Houston Texans

I just don't understand why Duke doesn't get more burn for the Texans. But he has topped at least 13 fantasy points in three out of his last four games. And he's just better than Carlos Hyde. I think the Texans coaching staff is starting to see that.

Kenyan Drake, RB, Arizona Cardinals

What if Drake is the second-coming of Gale Sayers and the Dolphins were just holding him back? And could I have found a reference that many of you kids would have understood? I should have gone with Barry Sanders. I knew it. I don't expect Drake to match what he did last time against the 49ers, but he gives the Cardinals the best chance to win.

Mohammed Sanu, WR, New England Patriots

I hope he spent the off-week eating avocado ice cream, avoiding tomatoes and doing anything else he can to ingratiate himself to Tom Brady. But he has averaged close to 10 targets per game since joining the team. His air yards have just about doubled as well. And I love this matchup against the Eagles. The last time Brady faced the Eagles, he went for 505 and three touchdowns. Yes, it was the Super Bowl. But I had to throw that out there.

Hunter Renfrow, WR, Oakland Raiders

Renfrow runs on average 15 slot routes per game this season, the most on the team. The Bengals have allowed close to 28 fantasy points per game to slot receivers since Week 3, which is the most in the NFL. And if you are rolling with D. Carr this week, why not make it a stack?

Randall Cobb, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Speaking of slot receivers, Cobb leads the Cowboys with 26 slot routes per game. The Lions have allowed six receiving touchdowns to slot receivers since Week 7 which is (you guessed it) the most in the NFL.

DeVante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins

Oh my gosh, this is the Parker breakout season and we have Ryan Fitzpatrick to thank for that. Amazing. He's had at least 11 fantasy points in six consecutive games. The second-longest streak in the NFL behind Michael Thomas. That's right, him and Mike Thomas, same player. Or maybe not. The matchup is tough this week, but we're undaunted.

Oh, you need a tight end?

Ryan Griffin, TE, New York Jets

There were a number of teams where I drafted a combo of Jeremy Reed and Chris Herndon. Seemed like a solid plan at the time. This isn't a great option because the Redskins aren't that forgiving to the position, but the position is a dumpster fire so don't be choosy. If you want to burn close to the sun take a gander at Ross Dwelley. Because I know that's what you want to do.



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