How did the Monday Night Football Cat get on the field?


The meme that took over Monday Night Football isn't going anywhere. It has nine lives, after all.

But the cat that spawned a million tweets is also spawning a few important questions. Where did it come from? Did someone bring their cat to the Cowboys-Giants game? If so, do cats require a ticket for entry? If not, do packs of feral cats roam the New Jersey swamps surrounding MetLife Stadium?

Giants reporter Madelyn Burke did the hard-nosed journalism others wouldn't to uncover the origin story of football's favorite feline.

So MetLife Stadium has stray cats -- as in more than one. Their seats for every Jets and Giants home game are so good they can leap right out and pause game play.

The Monday Night Football Cat temporarily sidelined both teams, found the end zone, escaped through a tunnel, and promptly broke the Internet. And according to MetLife Stadium, it's still on the loose somewhere under the bleachers.

Here's hoping the cat turns itself in soon so it can start writing its Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech.



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