Brian Flores on first win: 'Something I'll never forget'


All the attention this week will be on the New York Jets after their atrocious performance in losing to the previously winless Miami Dolphins. Sex is the only thing that sells better than anti-Jets.

Lost in the Adam Gase-bashing, laughing at Gang Green's expense, or wallowing in self-pity if you're a Jets fan, is the fact that Brian Flores won his first game.

It doesn't matter that it was against the Jets. It doesn't matter that it came in his eighth game as coach. Winning in the NFL is a difficult task, especially with a roster where the front office is actively stripping the talent for parts.

After weeks of moribund blowouts, Flores finally got the monkey off his back. A 26-18 win over the division rivals.

The coach was awarded the game ball by owner Stephen Ross, who hopes the first win of Flores' career will sprout many more -- just down the road. He also got doused pretty good by his players with a Gatorade bath.

"A lot about coaching is building relationships and having fun out there, so those moments mean a lot more. I wasn't expecting any kind of bath," Flores said, via ESPN. "It was a fun moment for them, fun moment for me. It was something I'll never forget."

Flores said his first thought after the win was about his mother, Maria, who died of cancer in March. Flores dedicated his first NFL victory to her.

"She's been my good-luck charm for a long time," he said. "This is the first season of football I've had without her. She's the person that came to mind. This one is for her. It was a lot of fun. It was a great moment."

The Dolphins have been an NFL punchline for weeks, unable to scratch a win, with particularly poor second halves, and getting blown out so badly even Vegas couldn't find a line high enough. Yet, it was obvious that while the front office is preparing for the future, Flores and his players were trying to win. It's just difficult to do with a lack of talent.

Sunday it all came together, as Miami scored a season-high in points, logged a season-high in sacks (3) and finally didn't give up the ghost in the second half.

"I had a lot of pressure on me today because my two boys were here, and when we win I bring my boys in the locker room. I was tired of the puppy-dog eyes when I was walking off the field with them not being able to come into the locker room. So we were going to get them in the dang locker room today," quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. "I know we didn't win the Super Bowl, but I know the things that we've gone through already this season and trying to deal with it with a smile on your face and remaining positive. To have my two boys sitting here watching this, those are lessons that are hard to teach in other aspects outside of sports. That's part of the reason you still play and part of the reason it's such a special win for us."

Flores' first win as a head coach snapped a streak of 10 losses for the Dolphins franchise, dating back to Week 15, and was the first win since the "Miami Miracle" versus New England last season. The Dolphins went 329 days between wins.

With brighter days ahead, here's hoping Flores doesn't have to go 300 more days before his next win.