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Cam Newton out several more weeks, weighing options


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will use the weekend to consider his options on how to proceed with his plan for recovery following a visit to noted foot and ankle expert Dr. Robert Anderson in Green Bay.

While Newton has been frustrated with how long his Lisfranc injury is taking to heal, surgery was not recommended and is not currently in the plans, sources say. The hope is that more rest will allow the injury to heal without having a procedure that would knock him out months.

While there is no timetable for recovery, Newton is expected to be sidelined several weeks and potentially more. As the Panthers enter Week 9 -- with Kyle Allen starting against the Titans on Sunday -- time is running out for the former league MVP.

That brings Newton to his decision, one that he's weighing after returning home from seeing Anderson, the former assistant team physician.

Being placed on injured reserve is on the table for Newton, sources say.

The reason is simply the timing. If he's out more than a month and heals perfectly during that time, is a December return to the field realistic? Maybe not.

Despite being injured in Week 2, Newton still has not healed enough to be able to practice with his teammates. At most, he's worked off to the side doing rehab.

"He's going up and probably seeing one of the best foot doctors," head coach Ron Rivera said Friday before the visit, "and whatever we get from the doctor, I think will probably really impact the decisions going forward."

On Monday, Newton, those close to him, and the Panthers will decide his next move.

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